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This circle was created to share media topics & events of all things Ubuntu and beyond. The media circle is aligned with the UBUNTU Philosophy as found in the UBUNTU-Contributionism book. Through participating in this circle, you can help people discover the best media outlets and writers covering topics that align with making UBUNTU a reality across the world. Of particular interest are articles and links speaking about all things Ubuntu; Ubuntu in the news, how media shapes our world, how media is used for the highest good to best serve all the people within their communities, new paradigms of sustainable living, alternatives to the current money system, political & societal changes in support of UBUNTU or similar 21st century alternative society models. However, there are no limitations. Anyone currently in the media or anyone with media experience is welcome to post their own articles which they feel would be of interest to other UBUNTU supporters. You can also make suggestions on what we can all do through our own social media channels to educate others about the need for UBUNTU, what it is, and how they can get involved. Thank you for joining the Media Circle!

Scope: Regional (within United States)

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