Vaken.se strives to bring forth information that regular mainstream media usually neglects or minimizes the importance of. We long for a more transparent news coverage with a larger spectra, which in its turn leads to a more open and free society. Vaken.se has been active for 10+ years and is now one of Swedens biggest alternative media outlets with more than 100000 unique visitors per month.

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  • RT @stillgray: The #ClimateStrike is an attempt to impoverish the working class and normalize the consumption of grasshoppers and cockroach… 24 hours ago @vakense
  • RT @Partisangirl: Indeed one of the people I spoke to at the #ClimateStrike said "If everyone drove less it would make a difference" So th… 24 hours ago @vakense
  • RT @Partisangirl: Bana's, I mean #Greta's unwillingness to travel by plane is sending the wrong message. Travelling by plane is a necessity… 24 hours ago @vakense
  • @Partisangirl Six if the people on the sailing ship that took her to New York traveled back to Europe by plane... 24 hours ago @vakense
  • RT @TulsiGabbard: Our leaders always say there isn’t enough money for healthcare for all, for education or to rebuild infrastructure. As pr… 2 days ago @vakense
  • #USA stämmer #Snowden för innehållet i boken “ #PermanentRecord ” https://t.co/dSIXEnYiRQ via @vakense 4 days ago @vakense
  • #Snowden varnar för #AI -styrd tyranni https://t.co/FVenlE8ySY via @vakense 5 days ago @vakense
  • RT @Partisangirl: In their arrogance, these countries seem to forget that when they start a war, they open themselves up for retaliation. #… 5 days ago @vakense
  • RT @TulsiGabbard: [email protected] Despicable. Offering to place our military assets under the command of a foreign country—Saudi Arabia—i… 5 days ago @vakense
  • #Vaken 15 år: Del 4 av 4 – Sanningsrevolutionen https://t.co/WQdRgpjA7E via @vakense 5 days ago @vakense
  • Träna din #muskler när du blir äldre – de förändras med åldern https://t.co/q2qDfDNtKi via @vakense 5 days ago @vakense

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