The Coeō Crowdgifting Campaign

Help to support the future development of the Coeō Community Connector

To cover the costs of hosting, maintaining and developing this website, we're asking all members to contribute a small annual donation

Members: Please log in before donating to ensure a record of your donation is linked to your account.

These donations are direct, personal gifts to Matthew Dowle, the creator and developer of this website. These donations will be used exclusively to cover the costs of hosting, maintaining, marketing and further developing this website.
* Recurring payments require a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account select the "One-time" option


Why are donations made as personal gifts?

Personal gifts made with no expectation of a product or service in return are not considered as taxable income. Accepting donations as personal gifts helps us to withdraw financial support from the system.

Are these donations payment for using this website?

No. This website will remain free to use regardless of donations made. These are personal gifts to cover the costs of hosting, maintaining and further developing this website.

Aren't there other ways to raise funds?

We won't compromise the integrity of this website by accepting funding from sources that may seek to introduce their own agenda. All donations are made with "no strings attached". We would prefer to keep this site free from advertising as we feel it would be a distraction from the main focus of the site.

Some numbers to consider...

Only 1.00% of verified users have made a donation.

It's estimated that Mat, our website developer has spent over 3,000 hours developing the Coeō platform which powers this website.

As the number of members grows, increased bandwidth and server requirements means hosting costs continue to rise.

If each member were to give a donation of just $20 per year, this would make a huge difference to the speed at which we can advance the website development and therefore greatly increase our overall strength. Those who choose to give more enable others who are unable to donate to opt out of giving.

What we can do with your help...

We have some big plans for the continued development of this website, and we would also love the opportunity to make further developments in response to the many requests and suggestions we have received.

We are determined to do everything we can to make lasting changes that will benefit all humankind. Are you with us?

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