The Coeō Crowdgifting Campaign

Help to support the future of the Coeō Network

Coeō is a Geosocial Network for Conscious Changemakers. Coeō is also the website platform behind a network of websites including Ubuntu Planet, The Full Circle Project, Prepare for Change, The Freedom Cell Network and The Conscious Media Coalition.

To cover the costs of hosting, maintaining and developing the Coeō network of websites, we're asking all members to contribute a small donation.


Donation amount:

Please consider making this a regular contribution:

These donations are direct donations to Matthew Dowle, the creator and developer of Coeō and will be used exclusively to cover the costs of hosting, maintaining and developing the Coeō network of websites.
* Recurring payments require a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account select the "One-time" option


Why are donations made as personal gifts?

Personal gifts made with no expectation of a product or service in return are not considered as taxable income. Accepting donations as personal gifts helps us to withdraw financial support from the system.

Are these donations payment for using this website?

No. This website will remain free to use regardless of donations made. These are personal gifts to cover the costs of hosting, maintaining and further developing this website.

Aren't there other ways to raise funds?

We won't compromise the integrity of this website by accepting funding from sources that may seek to introduce their own agenda. All donations are made with "no strings attached". We would prefer to keep this site free from advertising as we feel it would be a distraction from the main focus of the site.

Update from Mat Dowle - 03/03/2017

"The Coeō Network now has over 33,700 members, 25,000 status posts and 110,000 comments and messages. Over the past few months it has become apparent that this website is pushing the limits of the capacity of the current hosting server. The result is an urgent need to upgrade to a significantly larger and more expensive server.

I do not generally like to place too much emphasis on money, however I think it is important to be transparent about the costs of running this website and donations received.

Currently, the Coeō websites are costing £870 ($1,066) per month in hosting and other running costs. With the server upgrade, this will rise to about £1,000 ($1,225) per month.

During the past two months over 5,000 members have been active on the network and donations received during that time are as follows:

Donations in Jan: £304 ($372)
Donations in Feb: £409 ($501)

The result is that this website is currently leaving me out of pocket by between £460 - £570 ($560 - $700) per month. In other words, I am personally contributing more to this website than all other donations combined.

Coeō is expected to cost approximately £12,000 ($14,700) in running costs during this year, and at the current rate of donations this could personally cost me over £8,000 ($9,800).

With over 33,000 members, of which over 5,000 are actively participating, it would only take a small contribution from each member to at least cover the running costs. If you feel this website is of value to you, please consider making a donation."

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