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Coeō, the Geosocial Network for Conscious Changemakers, is the website platform behind a network of websites including Ubuntu Planet, The Full Circle Project, Prepare for Change, The Freedom Cell Network and The Conscious Media Coalition.

We live in a connected universe. Those of us who are conscious of the nature of the universe are well aware that everything is connected. By using the latest technology to focus on those connections, we can enable the manifestation of incredible synchronicities which will hugely accelerate the emergence of a new paradigm.

We are creating the Coeō Graph, a unique and ground-breaking platform to connect the thousands of separate projects which form our combined global movement for positive change. If you resonate with the Coeō vision, please consider making a donation.

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Update from Mat Dowle - 31/05/2017

"The Coeō Network now has over 37,000 members, 40,000 status posts and 120,000 comments and messages. Over the past few months it has become apparent that we have an urgent need to upgrade to a significantly larger (and more expensive) server.

For complete transparency, I will list below the costs along with donations received over the past 4 months:

Currently, the Coeō Network is costing £870 ($1,120) per month in hosting and general running costs. With the server upgrade, this will rise to over £1,000 ($1,290) per month.

During the past four months donations received are as follows:

Donations in January: £304 ($372)
Donations in February: £409 ($501)
Donations in March: £397 ($511)
Donations in April: £334 ($423)

The end result is that over the past 4 months, Coeō has left me £2,036 out of pocket. At the current rate of donations, Coeō is likely to personally cost me over £7,000 ($8,960) this year alone. This is well beyond what I can afford, and the harsh reality is that at the current rate of donations Coeō is not sustainable.

Coeō is expected to cost a minimum of £12,000 ($15,450) in running costs during the year. In addition to existing running costs, I'm also looking to raise extra funds to develop the Coeō Graph, API and many other exciting new features.

The total target is to raise £25,000 ($32,000). With over 38,000 members, of which over 10,000 are actively participating, it will only take a small contribution from each member to achieve this target. Please consider making a donation."

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