Anchor PEACE in Syria - Eyes Open 24h action

Sunday 23 February 2020, 16:00:00 [UTC]

Global Event

Starts:Sunday 23 February 2020, 16:00:00 [UTC]
Ends:Monday 24 February 2020, 16:00:00 [UTC]
- This is an EYES OPEN action - 24h. Please read and understand what to do.

*** One of the main womb chakras of Terra is in Syria. That is why the Cabal maintains a war state at the surface in this country.
*** This is the least we can all do in unity to Anchor the Peace Eternally in Syria and to prevent so much suffering of so many refugees and everybody else involved. Here is something anybody can do:

*** Instructions:
1. When this Event starts relax and enter into a calmness and stillness state. Envision how everybody here are doing the same, each one at their time.

2. Go to your "profile" here on COEO.CC and "Change your location" to Syria - Damascus - "Don't use postal code". This is important because this way you clearly express your intent of the law of manifestation. Look in the event map to see the global effect. Spend a few moments to meditate on this.

3. During the 24 hours, envision people in Syria and we together having a totally peaceful life. Envision a normal living and a happy life. Envision soldiers taking pictures with themselves in civilian clothes. Everywhere is PEACE. Go on Google Earth or Google Maps and look at places or pictures in Syria.
Talk with people about Syria and the "refugee crisis" and state that everybody on Earth needs Peace for Ever in Syria. !!! Envision how the whole country returns to LIVE, to a totally Peaceful Life. Imagine yourself peacefully visiting places in there. We all need Peace in Syria. We all need planetary Peace.

4. Leave your localization in Syria for 24 hours !!! We all need to heal that zone (and many others).

5. Change back your location pin after 24 hours or at your convenience.

*** Hopefully as many people as possible will join this Event.
**** Let's free the Vortex Chakra of Mother Gaia in Syria.

Light and Love for All Beings
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