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Do you need furniture? Come to the alley east [...]

Friday 22 July 2016, 01:16:19
Do you need furniture? Come to the alley east of Lyndale Avenue South, between 24th and 25th streets!
In that train of thought, I also found this site: which lives by it's name. It's not very mobile friendly, and so could use some help in that regard, but I signed up and have found people offering items like the ones mentioned here.
Friday 22 July 2016, 01:50:31
Interesting, I tried, unsuccessfully, to go to the site - 403 Forgidden/nginx/1.2.1
Saturday 27 August 2016, 07:58:51
add the three "w"s and a dot, so https : // www . freecycle . org (without the spaces). They must have gotten lost when I copy/pasted.
Saturday 27 August 2016, 17:51:51
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