About The Full Circle Project

Greater than the tread of mighty armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

Victor Hugo



Timing is everything, it is said.

When the time came for Max Igan to start formulating the idea of The Full Circle Project in 2012, he was particularly concerned to draw attention to the plight of the Amazon forest and all the natural treasures it contains. He wanted to call people everywhere to come together and recognise the power we had as One People to change the tide of destruction and the rape of our planet. The idea was based on gathering funds to buy large parcels of land to put into trust for the original Amazonian peoples to care for as they have done throughout living memory.

However, the recognition that the might of corporate mining companies was strong in terms of financial persuasion, Max decided instead to re-focus the Full Circle Project on building community resilience in every location possible and to find effective remedy to issues of concern at a local level; something he had been advocating in his regular podcasts over the previous eight years.

Many of these concerns are also apparent on a global level and meaningful approaches can be implemented which ultimately remind us of who we truly are as we rediscover our humanity and our connection to all that is.

A series of events led to a change in direction and focus as synchronicities and resonant responses allowed the project to begin to take form and the Circle quickly demonstrated it had a life of its own; a dynamic that needed to be expressed in its own way and in its own time. Those involved in helping to 'birth' the project discovered they needed to be respectful of the inherent Power within the Full Circle itself and not try to give it direction nor identity, but rather stand back and allow it to develop organically by listening carefully and using reflective observation from a deeply held place of connection. This we pledge to continue to do as 'stewards' of the Full Circle Project. There are no leaders and there is no movement to join. This is simply a vehicle to help find our voice, our unique expression, and our common sense.

This in turn will encourage us to bring the sacred elements back into Life while taking political action and building resilient community from a spiritually informed perspective.

Changing our perspective is powerful in itself. Recognising that all the 'problems' we face, including our personal challenges, are actually opportunities to evolve and rekindle our human qualities and create an atmosphere conducive to joy, kindness and gratitude. These high spirits in and of themselves lift us beyond the reach of the controlling factors currently infiltrating our lives and we can approach relationships of all types with an imaginative, positive attitude.

The Full Circle Project was conceived to engender unity, cooperation, communication and empowerment to all seeking for, or working towards, real solutions for living a decent life in a world gone haywire. While governments and corporations seek to throttle, sicken and dumb down their populations, it is even more so a time of great awakening to our potential in facing these challenges and in helping one another during these stressful times by sharing skills and pooling resources.

Communication and community often act as a solution in themselves as those feeling isolated sense they have no alternative except perhaps finding kindred spirits online. It doesn't have to be this way. The primary intention of the project is to bring people together to bridge this gap of isolation via communication and by offering inspired forms of activism that will empower individuals and whole communities. Many are already doing this and we are approaching sincere people to collaborate in the Full Circle Project and to build upon their insights with reciprocal relationships so as to spread relevant and engaging ideas more widely, more rapidly, and with greater effect.

The success of The Full Circle Project will depend on you and your participation.

We warmly invite you to Stand Up for Life and share your unique gifts as we journey together with this 'idea whose time has come' into the Great Mystery of our conscious evolution.

The Full Circle Project provides an active hub to support effective common sense action undertaken by the people themselves.



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