The Coeō Community Connector

The problem is not the lack of a collective desire for a positive future but the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions

Randy Powell


Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of groups and organisations who have social and environmental justice at the core of their objectives, from large international organisations to small local community groups.

Imagine if the millions of members of these organisations, recognising their shared objectives, begin to connect and work together on a local level to take real, meaningful action starting in their own communities. The Coeō Community Connector was created to make this vision a reality by providing the tools for you to discover neighbours throughout your community who share your desire to take positive action and create a better future.

The Full Circle Project has now become a significant part of the wider Coeō Network. By paricipating in the Full Circle Project you are also joining a growing network of Solutionaries helping to bring about a unity and collaboration between movements which is so desparatly needed if we are to take full advantage the strength we have in our combined numbers.

In our own unique ways we can fully participate in our conscious evolution and effect beneficial change in the world.



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