The Legal Key

The Natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth, and not to be under the authority of man, but only to have the Law of Nature for his rule.

John Locke


At this time in history, we have created a situation on this Planet that is untenable. A culture that is unsustainable. This situation has been created through actions and legal systems that have been constructed and implemented by the Governments of the world. Yet these governments are, and always have been, populated by Public Trustees. Therefore the remedy to our current crisis, lies not in the hands of Government, but in the hands of the people.

This stark reality has lead to the creation of the Full Circle Project.

Due to the structure of our modern Social, Governmental, Corporate, Economic and Educational systems, the world and the life it supports are today in a state of grave danger. After many years of fruitless petitioning of Governments and electing new officials to office, or in many cases having them selected on our behalf,  it has become glaringly apparent that a new, clear and concise remedy to these matters must now be found.

This is truly a matter of urgent importance, as the failure of the people to face and address these truths can ultimately only result in a drastic reduction of the quality of all life on this Earth, indeed at its most extreme, the ability of the Earth to sustain human life at all.

It has become painfully obvious that we cannot depend on our elected officials to address these issues, indeed, it is they who, via the mechanism of legislation, have created the myriad of problems we face. And so it now becomes apparent that clear and concise action must be implemented by the people themselves.

This action needs to be swift and determined, for every day we delay brings us closer to the brink.

The Full Circle Project seeks to empower communities at a grassroots level with a view to reigning in the ship of state while informing our governments (Public Trustees) of the new direction mankind now intends to take the world, while also offering them the opportunity to come with us under our own terms.

It is time for the people of Earth to say enough is enough. It is time to stand as one people and take mankind Full Circle, back to our true path and back to the natural state of abundance and gratitude for all life on this planet.


All that is required is the participation of the people.

Is it not true that the unfolding humanitarian crisis in all its shapes and forms around the world  is occurring as a direct result of legislation enacted and supported by ministers within the government?

Why should these individuals not be required by us to show cause that they should not be held in abuse of office and stand liable for the humanitarian crisis that has been created by their actions?

Why the people of the nation should not express a loss of confidence in their elected official's ability to carry out the duties of their office?

Should we not commence the necessary action to have them not only dismissed for abuse of office but also held accountable for the threat to national security and the humanitarian crisis they have created?

In this way, through simple vehicles of legal approach, The Full Circle Project can highlight the root cause of many of our problems. In turn, by activating this vehicle to hold individuals in apparent authority accountable, we recognise our own need to take responsibility and stop playing a victim role. We can wisely and compassionately take back our true power and in the process remember who we are, ultimately reconnecting to our spiritual source and becoming the author of own  lives.

*We are currently refining these methods and will seek to provide a step-by-step guide to how you can approach your local authority figures and what you can expect in return.


The Natural Law of Seeking Balance

The laws of consciousness or the deep inner workings of humanity mirror the laws of nature.  Nature is always seeking balance.  In the natural world when things become extreme, life is threatened. 

The power of life finds ways to neutralize or balance extremes.

When we are aware and listening to our deepest thoughts and feelings we are compelled to touch and share with each other in search of balance. The deepest drive of  those who are experiencing darkness, pain or suffering is to seek relief and healing. Those who are experiencing love and light are compelled to reach out to those who are experiencing separation.

The essence of this balance is compassion. The place where we touch is love.

In the realm of consciousness none of us can be free while some are imprisoned.  A compassionate world is not one where we deny pain and suffering but have the courage to embrace and transform it with our effort, care and love.

Ted Wallace

The remedy to our current crisis lies not in the hands of Government, but in the hands of the People.



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