Why A Full Spectrum Response?

Elevate the vision and the highest mountain tops become minor challenges in the full spectrum of things


Is it not true that humanity is under attack on many levels at this point in time?

Is it not true that a myriad of manufactured environmental conditions are reshaping Life as we know it?

This can be classified as 'a Full Spectrum Operation', a military term for conducting a complex framework of conditions with risk factors that drive instability and a state of persistent conflict.

This doctrine includes the understanding and management of  the physical environment, the state of governance, technology, local resources and the culture of the local population. Combined with the subtle and steady manipulation of our consciousness through the invisible weapons of propaganda, mind control and a wide variety of frequency-distortion techniques, we can see how we are lead to participate in our own demise.

We the Earth's Peoples, have not consciously chosen to be at odds with anyone, yet in our natural state would seek to share a life of peace, abundance and harmony with all.  In an effort to achieve a web of Full Spectrum Control, highly organised, self-appointed forces have silently declared war on the earth and her population and seek to eradicate, contaminate and destroy the very soul of our humanity.

Hence the need for a Full Spectrum Response.

Each element of a full-spectrum operation is necessary in any major campaign. Full-spectrum operations acknowledge that conflict involves more than combat between armed opponents. Forces must defeat enemies and simultaneously shape the civil situation through apparent stability and controlling mechanisms.

All adversaries can be expected to use the full range of options including every political, economic, informational and military measure at their disposal. In addition, the operations will expand to areas historically immune to battle including urban areas and cyberspace. All operations will be conducted 'among the people' and outcomes will be measured in terms of effects upon populations.

The complexity of the operational environment will guarantee that future operations will occur across the spectrum of conflict. Global distribution of power will be re-defined and the concepts of sovereignty and freedom removed.

War remains a battle of wills; a contest for dominance over people.

As we can conclude that we are under attack we can recall one of the primary rules of engagement; the right to self-defence. In this instance we are being called no less than to stand up and defend Life as we know and cherish it and participate fully in re-addressing the natural balance in a world of ever-increasing artificiality and insanity.

Is it not time for you to step into the role of the warrior?

Our Full Spectrum Response is a bold approach which evokes the whole range of authentic human expressions in a dazzling array of individual components, colours and capacities.

Our wise response to the artificial and to the insane is to display and put into action our most authentic,  imaginative and natural abilities and to combine them in organic, decentralized and spontaneous ways. We do not work by ridged strategy plans but rather by allowing creativity to express itself while listening carefully to our intuitions.

We can thus harness our unique capabilities and simultaneously fuse into unified action; the synchronization, coordination and integration of individual elements to achieve unity of effort.

The purpose of this unified effort is to stand up with Life and defeat the current death- cult meme infesting our planet and our minds. We aim to root out this evil at source by implementing positive and creative life-supporting action, enthused with recognition of the sacred. 

Connected yet self-organizing and aware, we become a force to be reckoned with.

Our 'operational environment' is also interconnected through the Full Circle Project's dynamic; as we aim to walk a path with heart, we will find synchronicity guiding us while logic is applied in good measure.

By recognising and celebrating our own and each other's individual gifts we rediscover the beauty of life and a reverence is restored to the sacred aspect for so long abandoned and abused. This is then in turn reflected within us as we heal our hidden wounds, finding the courage and compassion to confront our deepest fears and lay them to rest.

The Alchemy of Participation

Rather than being an unwitting victim, complicit in our demise, we can boldly take responsibility in meaningful ways, reinventing our world and transforming our collective situation. By participating fully, we align to our authentic Self and our dormant power comes on line, bringing coherence to our words and our deeds and courage to our hearts.

The alchemy of the all-embracing full circle combined with the direct focus of accountability are in essence the primal polarities working in tandem. This perfect balance activates mechanisms within us that remind us of our true nature and of our source connection to all that is.

A Full Spectrum Offensive requires an end state of total control and deconstruction of all that is natural, dignified and humane.

A cause for despair.

A Full Spectrum Response proposes a path of freedom and response-ability based in deep respect and joy for Life.

A cause for celebration.


We can boldly take responsibility in meaningful ways, reinventing our world and transforming our collective situation.



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