The Warrior Spirit

Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge

Carlos Castaneda


Responding to the call of the Warrior Spirit has nothing to do with the principles of physical battle, warmongering, fighting or being tough.

This warrior knows their purpose and stands firm in their truth.
This warrior fights for one noble primal reason: love.
This warrior has their boots on the ground and head uplifted, spine aligned with the spear of Truth they carry.
Aware of danger yet unwavering in  their determination and convictions, this warrior recognises that apathy kills and hope dilutes power.
They choose courage  when the way is dark and wisdom to eradicate doubt.

These convictions are the most dangerous for any system of oppression.

Is it not true that we are exposed to systems of oppression in a myriad of ways?

Are we not now more than ever being challenged to either respond according to natural instinct and intuition, or lie down meekly  and let whatever dominant forces at play take their course without resistance or conscious participation?

Do we agree that corruption, consumerism, power to the few, greed, poverty and injustice are some of the most predominant devastating characteristics of our society? When accompanied by  technological explorations that have become weapons for mass destruction and a tool for suppressing resistance we see the need for an immediate conscious call to action.

Can we lift our perspective and vision to that of the eagle, who sees the broader landscape but simultaneously focuses effective intent on the target of our oppression?

When we become aware that these challenges we face are actually doorways to our freedom, miracles occur. What might once have caused hesitation, now becomes an invitation to boldness.

Love swells the heart of this warrior, bursting through self-limiting beliefs and rushing through every cell in their being. In their quest for personal excellence and their disposition to be of service to others, they discover  tools leading to the mastery of the Self. An inspired and sincerely motivated heart will navigate its way along the path to the awakened soul.

This of course is all by design for woven into the fabric of all time are the myths and stories of warrior figures whose fierce compassion and one-pointed focus make heroic figures; slayers of monsters, saviours of peoples and spiritual adventurers.

Embodying resourcefulness fused with coherent strength of heart and mental clarity,  these are amongst the most valued qualities in times of conflict and confusion.

Equipped with truth-tipped arrows, this warrior of our times can strike at the root of our dilemmas and pierce the veil of illusion currently so evident and fragile.

Warrior Spirit is something we carry in our blood stream. This warrior understands that spirit is eternal and death an illusion. From one generation to the next, from our ancestors to our descendants, we are linked in life and in death by threads of consciousness and alignment with the Truth. We are not alone in this battle, as those at the front line will contest.

Stand alongside your soul companions from all directions in these times, for is it not  a matter of deep honour and ultimate concern that we come Full Circle to recognise and activate our calling?

A warrior acknowledges it is not only what they do, but who they are in the depths of their mind, their heart and their spirit.



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