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Good Morning my beloved family, I am here to ask that [...]

Cleveland, Ohio
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Good Morning my beloved family,

I am here to ask that if it resonates for you if you could send blessings of love and light and abundance to my family I am not asking for money just good thoughts if it is something you feel is right to do. It is becoming difficult to realize these things as I am also battling stage 3 cervical cancer as well raising 4 kids on my own and a son with autism. Currently unemployed with very limited income. I know that isn't my true reality and I will realize what I know in my heart very soon. I hold no judgement's or bad feelings of any kind towards anyone and I forgive you and I love you and thank you. Cancer and autism and the struggle would not be here if I wasn't strong enough to overcome it and rise above it and win. I have tried to manifest these things on my own however my true desire is that we all win and we are all okay and we beat this.We come together as a family united as one. I rarely think of myself it is a beautiful world I want to see and I know we will have that and so much more. Thank you and I love you may you all be blessed.
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