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Gosford, New South Wales
via FCP - Australia - NSW - Sydney
Hi LadyAussieScotch, Is there something going on in Sydney?, It's in 10 days, anyone else going? couldn't see from the page. I sent them an email though. cheers
Wednesday 13 April 2016, 11:41:57
[deleted user]
what possible you will aspect to achieve by marching against anything? March for something that you need and make do able request to the public so that they could help you out. Don't stop, not,... it just cause irritation and attention of uniformed gang .
Wednesday 13 April 2016, 15:31:10
Nothing in Sydney at the moment.Got an email from them. Very heavy spraying last Sunday here. Sprays on top of sprays.
Monday 18 April 2016, 08:40:23
Yeah, I've just tried my best to find a Sydney event, but I couldn't find one. :/
Wednesday 20 April 2016, 13:26:00
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