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Hey guys, watched Michaels presentation in newry online last night, [...]

Enniskillen, Fermanagh
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Hey guys, watched Michaels presentation in newry online last night, during the questions at the end it came up about the local elections in N.Ireland and i was wondering if anyone has taken any steps towards getting Ubuntu down for the vote. If not, do we have enough time to organize and get something together? If you have any info or news regarding the local elections please let me know and I'll do what I can towards getting Ubuntu in for the election. Even if we don't do well we have still tried and got the word of Ubuntu spread across Ireland at the very least. Please feel free to contact me.
Neil Warren
The email list you'll see me copy-paste over is Michael ([email protected]) and most of the other "Ubuntu" people I know in the British Isles / Eire / Ireland, Ben, plus a bloke called Chris Tidman who is "supportive" over in Canada (I sound a bit tetchy given a million communications with Chris). Not sure if it will render in a readable format in the whole next panel I'll use, but if you can open and read and comment on any links, or my words, please do. I'm also trying to work with COEO / UbuntuPlanet site coder-hoster-volunteer-contributor Mat Dowle, but he has had recent family illness to also cope with:
Thursday 21 April 2016, 11:18:51
Neil Warren
Neil Warren <[email protected]>
Apr 19 (2 days ago)

to Michelle, Sean, Adam, Chris, Mark, Gary, Richard, Ray, Mat, Michael, ad.johnson, Paul
Like I've been saying:

REMEMBER - that one appointed mayor will have a much bigger impact on the community than twenty elected members of parliament. The UBUNTU mayor can implement the UBUNTU plan of action immediately, based on the party manifesto. That is why this strategy is so important. A victory in one small town will create much more than a domino effect – it will create a global domino effect that will spread around the world through all countries and across all borders. We are the ones we have been waiting for - this is the new age and we are the new wave of conscious thinkers and doers - so let's make this happen for ourselves now. And it starts with ONE SMALL TOWN.

Here is the UBUNTU plan of action for small towns - In a bullet point
1. Win a local election
2. Install an UBUNTU municipality and Council of Elders
3. Provide our own electricity supply for every town under our control - hydro or more exotic kind
4. Launch a diverse number of Community Projects like food, water, sports facilities, improved healthcare, engineering, dairy, bakery , etc
5. These are well managed and coordinated by a chosen team of experts in that field.
6. Everyone is asked to contribute 3 hours per week to these projects in return for the free electricity
7. Those who do not participate, continue to pay for electricity
8. Turn our town into a powerful labour force, doing everything for ourselves, creating abundance for our people - and others around us
9. This allows everyone to keep their jobs and not disrupt their lives in the initial transition phase, while participating in their own future prosperity
10. This is a perfect launch and transitional model for people in towns with high unemployment and those in more wealthy areas - everyone benefits
11. Free electricity for everyone that contributes 3 hours per week to the projects
12. Free electricity to all Community Projects
13. Free labour for all Community Projects from those who participate
14. Create 3 x abundance of everything we do - export the 2/3 at a fraction of the price available anywhere else
15. Invite all industry to become part of the Community Project pool - and benefit immensely from no labour cost, no electricity cost and an increasing supply of free components as the projects become integrated and start to supply each other for free
16. Invite all inventors, healers, scientists, artists, food growers, etc, to our town to add their talents to our knowledge pool and transfer their skills to our community
17. Business owners retain one third of profits, 2/3 go to the community
18. Interim generation of wealth with which to grow community projects
19. No corporation can compete with us because we provide the labour for free ourselves - and an ever increasing percentage of raw materials and components
20. Activate more projects and attract top talent in all areas - once the people feel the broad benefits on so many levels, UBUNTU Party will never get voted out
21. Everything becomes available for free to all those who participate in the projects
22. Everything we do eventually becomes a part of the Community Projects activity - like horse riding, healthcare, building, wood craft, hiking, art, shoe-making, etc.
23. This system creates a new education structure where people learn valuable skills for life while doing community projects
24. In a few years we have a well-trained and highly skilled community where everyone can do everything - and loving it
25. We will use this one small town as the first domino to fall and lead by example to all other small towns.
26. This will cause a win in the national elections next time around.
27. Converting our whole country into a united community of abundant diversity on all levels which leads to the demise of money and the enslavement of the people by the banking elite entirely.

The nearest equivalent "small town" where this might just get a toe-hold is:…



No stream / river that I've noticed, and I'm pretty sure the mega-wattage required is going to stretch your (Chris's) gyroscope thing, especially as soon as Luton and Bedford get interested. I'm not envisaging a Grand Dustifier Defence Machine either, but some tank-made-into-tractor half-way house.


Remains to be seen what they might ask the likes of me to Contribute for 3 hours a week, if carrying coffins and cutting grass does or doesn't count, along with cleaning windows, making tea and coffee, showing people how to turn computers including the internet on and off, and heady stuff like that does or doesn't count either.

Namaste Ohm of cow manure today (the sun is shining, no obvious chemtrails)
Thursday 21 April 2016, 11:18:58
Ben Mcmorris
Cheers neil, will have a look.
Friday 22 April 2016, 21:54:54
Neil Warren
See also "more hook ups" I'm floating out there, this time with the Good folks of Universal Community Trust / Bernicia etc:…
Saturday 23 April 2016, 13:16:52
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