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Digital Eden = Hell on Earth! As we enter the first [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
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Digital Eden = Hell on Earth!

As we enter the first few decades of the Twenty-First Century we find our lives becoming ever more controlled, this control being brought in through the use of the Freedom mantra. The occultist and Theosophist Alice Bailey in her book the “Seven Rays” thanks Thirty-Third Degree Freemason and former President of the United States F.D. Roosevelt for anchoring the word ‘Freedom’ to the modern age. Freedom literally means ‘to be rid of domination’ yet since the advent of Roosevelt’s anchoring of the word in the nineteen-thirties humanity has seen the steady and incremental erosion of any freedom that they have ever had. Roosevelt and his occult Masters knew that within the enclosed paradigm that we call reality there would always be two extremes in social thought. One extreme we could call the ‘right’ and one the ‘left’. If a person was living in a Communist society and wished for freedom that freedom would be found in a Capitalist society and vice versa, if one lived in a Capitalist society one would see a form of freedom in a Communist society. This meant that there would always be movement that could be manipulated within the social structure. In our “Brave New World” that we are moving towards ‘right’ and ‘left’ are merging creating a social structure erroneously called ‘social Democracy’.

The truly ‘free’ are in the process of being criminalized and persecuted by the global establishment. The indigenous tribes that one can still find in parts of Africa or South America are rapidly being forced from their lands and are being brought into the loving arms of the global system as quickly as possible. Once locked into the system we are all forced into ‘wage slavery’, a form of bondage to a completely imaginary system controlled by the Magickal Adepts who are the ‘Elite’. Through this system we waste all of our energy simply trying to mathematically balance the books. To fully understand this abnormal reality we must ‘jump out of the box’ because we are so programmed we strangely believe that it is sane to give up our time and energy and to receive numbers in recompense.

Through the Magick of Numbers we are walking towards the gaol-house and in many ways are turning the key of the cell door our selves. As I have just mentioned we have the fantasy of Finance ruining our world and our lives. To clarify this concept before we move on let me make a few statements:- one such statement is that ‘production equals destruction’. What this means is that the more we produce as a nation the more of the finite resources that exist on the Planet are destroyed! Finance and the evil way that it is manipulated by the Banking Elite keeps us trying to produce more and more each year because the value of a unit of money itself becomes less through the hidden theft known as inflation. We are pushed, nay’ coerced into creating wealth faster and faster simply to keep our standard of living stable. This places society as a whole in the position of trying to develop ever more efficient methods of production. Since the beginning of the last century, Corporations such as Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Du-Pont, etc, have tried to completely de-humanize the workplace. Many studies of time and motion in the work place have shown the way to maximize profits by de-humanizing the human and getting them to labour in the same way as an insect in a hive. Realizing that humans would never be as efficient in producing in the same way as a machine automation began.
In the very near future automation will dominate the work-place leaving humans with no real way of making a living within the barriers of the paradigm that we exist in. Seeing that the masses might at some point notice the corner that they are being pushed into and react the Elite are busily creating a robotic fully aware peace keeping force. Many might disagree with this analysis but time might well prove this analysis correct as all the data that is available from so many various compartments within the societal structure appear to agree with the predictive probability.

In fact through the digitization of society we see the end of humanities inter-action with the system and so in the next twenty years or so we will have the masses unable to be a part of the system. With the system being based on the efficiency and perfection of numbers the masses will be discarded as expendable.

As the monopoly of force now lies only with the State Apparatus the masses will be in a very dangerous position.

The Elites answer to this problem of billions of non-productive human waste units, is to program the global population to agree to its own culling! In 1992 in a white paper written by the round table group, ‘The Club of Rome’, it is proposed that “in looking for a new enemy for the human race we have decided upon over-population and the environment as then we could blame the human race itself.” A set of monoliths known as the ‘Georgia Guide Stones’ gives a figure of 500 million as the optimum amount of humans that should be allowed to exist on Planet Earth. These monoliths were more than probably erected by a member of the Rosicrucian Secret Society.

“Digital Eden” is a place where everything on Planet Earth is controlled by mathematics, creating a truly ‘Technocratic’ society in which everything moves in perfect harmony and synchronization through following a mathematical formula! Waste is not tolerated in a society run by numbers, anything wasteful has to disappear so that the true beauty of mathematical formula can shine through. With this logic at the forefront of the ‘technocratic vision’ the ‘technocrat’ believes that humanity should be culled – for their own good!

We now live in a world were we are being constantly micro-waved through wireless technology, have our air polluted through global geo-engineering black-ops, are being forced to accept GMO crap as real food, are kept treading the hamster wheel to pay for ever increasing bills while jobs are disappearing daily due to the encroachment of technology and are kept under an oppressive surveillance twenty-four/seven by a Police-Force armed with ‘weapons of Terror’, please tell me how any of this is positive?

Digital Eden is fast becoming humanities hell!

The first step we must all take is the one that allows us to admit that we are in a box then and only then will we be able to begin to dismantle it!
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