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GREAT Climate change hoax video [...]

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GREAT Climate change hoax video
Globull warming. The sun represents 99.8 % of the total mass in the solar system. Guess what the odds are that the sun is what causes warm/cool cycles? (Think 99.8% chance now) Truth is that the global cabal has brainwashed everyone to substitute the word "pollution" with "globull warming" "climate change". Is everybody actually that stupid???? There has never been any time in earths history that the climate hasn't been changing. Ever. I know, I know, let's start a ruse about the sky not being blue!!! and see if we can make money on it. Here's a confirmation.......The Old Farmers Almanac has been 80% accurate on it's yearly weather forecasts since it started in 1792. The original authors based their predictions on the sun's cycles (sunspots)
Sunday 17 April 2016, 18:06:55
nice post, good comment doug.. we gotta point out the name game indeed.. climate change?! how about consciousness change-- many people apparently fear that too or consider it taboo.. the paradigm shift and simply lifestyle changes are quite hard to adopt for some.. but seriously, this whole debate is about ecocide and the expensive archaic means of energy supply/production due to the suppression of free energy by the powers who wish they'd be for over a century... and of course the brainwashing like u said... here's a project i recently made about the state of the environment.. peace
Monday 18 April 2016, 07:43:40
Tess P
Have you heard of Piers Corbyn? (Jeremy Corbyn's brother) He's spot on with weather forecasts and has charts to prove that the global temperature has been recorded higher than it actually was. Apparently, and according to the official story, 2015 was the warmest year on record ... Well sorry, but where I live it was a lot cooler than in the past. In August it rained for three weeks non stop alone!
Saturday 23 April 2016, 14:18:38
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