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I need to make a difference! [...]

Stamford, Connecticut
via Ubuntu Planet
I need to make a difference!
Then you will, love, you will!
Monday 18 April 2016, 20:25:02
you just did :)
Monday 18 April 2016, 22:38:09
Marcia L
You guys!!! Thanks for welcome me! Neisha and Qba, I love you two already.
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 04:29:23
Right back attcha Marcia!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 04:38:58
Marcia L
Hey! Just to say I am a ready for a humanitarian change.
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 04:46:35
Denise Resonance
You did, you are, ....radiating a difference in expressing the intention!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 04:51:40
Marcia L
Thank you! I am felling strengthened. It is the community energy, Isn't ? Cool!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 05:04:48
Denise Resonance
Yes it is! We make a difference by smiling at a stranger, or motivating a planet!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 05:09:57
Marcia L
Then I found my path. I am right where I want myself to be. :)
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 05:18:15
John D
Bon gia Marcia ! What town are you in ? I am in Morris, just a few miles south of Litchfield,CT.
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 21:08:05
Marcia L
Bom Dia John D!
Sunday 3 July 2016, 20:25:42
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