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Hello New Jersey Ubuntu, Maryland here, lets collaborate [...]

Baltimore, Maryland
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Hello New Jersey Ubuntu, Maryland here, lets collaborate
Chris B
I'd love too, where do we start? I personally am not the greatest of planners, I'm more of a spur of the moment kind of person. But I joined this movement to help bring change to this world. What are some of everyones skills? I own my own business where I'm in front of numerous people pitching ideas and teaching them a new dimension of their preexisting business. Basically helping them to become more profitable through education
. Obviously there is more to who I am then that but it's a start for this conversation. What about everyone else, what can you bring to the table?
Wednesday 20 April 2016, 11:28:27
Hi Chris, thanks for the message! I believe us connecting is step one. Step two is to bring awareness to the UBUNTU movement of contributionism and step to eliminate money as being our core reason why we work and play. If you don't mind, would you please join the Maryland circle so we can keep track of each others events.
Wednesday 20 April 2016, 17:11:39
Chris B
I'll absolutely join the Maryland Circle. I do agree that bringing awareness to the movement is a wonderful step and I believe living it is the best way to do so. It would be nice to see what others in the NJ/Maryland circle can contribute talent wise so we can lead by example. Use our strengths to our advantage and show what we can do when we are united to achieve a common goal. This is a grassroots movement and I believe it would be best to start in our own backyard so to speak. Anyone else have any thoughts?
Thursday 21 April 2016, 23:10:20
I agree, we need to help each other as though we were a UBUNTU village. I believe step one is aligning with all the other states. Each state has their own unique challenges but if we can find out who doing what and how, we won't have to reinvent the wheel. We did schedule our first meeting here in MD. Have you schedule a meet & greet in NJ yet?
Friday 22 April 2016, 17:05:01
Chris B
I have not had a meet and greet with NJ yet, I'm just starting to get myself involved. Actually I'm not sure if that have even had one at this point. It would be a good idea to put out there, I'll suggest that in the circle.
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 18:41:59
[deleted user]
we met with the USA Coordinator; Starr MacKinnon and all hands on deck to create more awareness about Ubuntu (Im still reading the book. it's all in the book) and everyone bring their skills to the table. As soon as I have the flyer approved, I will share. Chris, I"m in Merchantville, NJ. Still learning about how this website works.
Sunday 1 May 2016, 16:28:30
Susan J
Please consider attending Michael's presentations in NYC and Vermont. Check out schedule on website, thanks. Call or email me with questions, [email protected], 802-753-6835
Sunday 11 September 2016, 15:58:09
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