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I feel the energies changing. I'm increasingly finding my existential [...]

Springdale, Arkansas
via Prepare For Change
I feel the energies changing. I'm increasingly finding my existential senses increasing to a higher awareness; dimension feels morphed, like my sense of physicality has moved passed my body, and I exist in an inter-dimensional state. At times I feel as though divinity is pulsing through my veins.
I yearn to create, to change.
I agree I feel like I am absorbing knowledge and connecting on a different level. I am being called to Shamanic practice at the moment, it just keeps poping up for me. The more I pull myself away from the propaganda and mainstream the better I feel :)
Saturday 23 April 2016, 17:07:18
[deleted user]
I feel the same way, once you get used to this heightened sense of intensitiy in your senses it will feel normal, that is the good thing:) just accept it as a gift without rejecting it. I know exactly what you are talking about.
Saturday 23 April 2016, 19:01:31
Saturday 23 April 2016, 22:14:51
It can be overwhelming at times but it defiantly is exciting!!!:)
Monday 25 April 2016, 02:03:13
Tuesday 26 April 2016, 06:28:27
Annette C
Kenny, I am in Bentonville and there is someone else near Huntsville. Have you formed any other connections in the area?
Saturday 6 August 2016, 11:10:06
Annette, sorry for the late reply, but yes! Several of my friends are aware and ascending, have you ever heard of the term indigo child? There is a movement going on in our youth. The spiritual center in Fayetteville is also a good resource center.
Friday 28 October 2016, 20:09:35
Rick Lakota Seekingwulf
Hi Kenny I did the meditation yesterday morning and I feel the same power and happiness and energy! I live by Omaha Arkansas
Sunday 12 August 2018, 22:50:42
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