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After Jono shared the video with the community I took [...]

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After Jono shared the video with the community I took it to my facebook page with this message. Share if you would like.

News Anchor Loses It After 3 Years With Epic Rant On the August 10, 2011, broadcast of The Dylan Ratigan Show, in a round table discussion of the market meltdown following the Budget Control Act of 2011,…

Nothing changed since 8/10/11, We are the change we have been waiting for and we need to do something before:
1. What if the money ran dry and tomorrow morning the ATMs and banks were all closed – with no indication if they will open again?

2. How would we react – what would we do?

3. What if a giant solar flare (coronal mass ejection, CME) fried all the satellites and computer circuits, and control panels in cars, and communication devices, and brought all technology as we know it to an immediate standstill?

4. What if you could not drive anywhere, call anyone, had no electricity, no water, no food, no heat, no internet or Wi-Fi...

5. What if you were stuck in the city because the trains, planes, busses and trams do not work, and the highways have turned into giant parking lots?

6. What if this could not be restored in less than 6 months?

7. What if a meteorite shatters in the atmosphere and 100,000 fragments the size of small buildings destroy north America, or Europe, or large parts of Asia and with it blows the global power grid, while the pressure wave rips open all the oil and gas pipes?

Supermarkets have no more than three days’ food supply, which will disappear within hours under these conditions. The water supply will run dry in less than a week in most cities and so will fuel.
It would not take very long for the densely populated urban areas to turn into war zones with people dying in droves not only from the violence but the lack of water first, and then food. If water is not readily accessible in a city environment, and in the absence of rainfall during this time, within 72 hours the human body will Enter a panic state.
If this should happen in most cities on Earth, within five days, civilization as we know it would shatter. It will become very clear, very quickly, that unless we work together in cooperation for the benefit of all in our trapped communities, we will keep killing each other until there is only a handful of people left.
But for now, life goes on and billions of people struggle to survive and pay their bills every day. We keep losing our property to the banksters while the rich get richer in ever decreasing numbers, and the misery keeps rising amongst the masses.
How can we stop this stranglehold on humanity? How can we release ourselves from the money trap? You can begin to find the answers below.…
Sunday 24 April 2016, 16:01:29
Music Alchemy
I have seen this, love it. he was understanding for the first time and its shocking!
Monday 25 April 2016, 09:26:06
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