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Greetings and bien venue. My partner and I have been [...]

Chico, California
via Ubuntu - United States - Pacific Northwest
Greetings and bien venue. My partner and I have been looking forward to buying our first piece of land. But when pre-approval for a loan was approved we realized that we have no children to leave it too. And we have no plans on having children, so what were we going to do with the land? We decided to build a farm for growing all of the hard to grow fruit and vegetables. But we don't want to be just another problem someone else is going to have to clean up. We want to do this farm sustainably. We want to do this farm organic. And we want it to support other such farms. Bottom line, we've never been farmers and we need help.
Do you speak Spanish. Can you live in the wild?
Sunday 24 April 2016, 21:26:05
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the folks in that region, Please help Mr Chocolate Milk !
Monday 25 April 2016, 00:19:38
Jeff H
Where are you going to get the Farm?
Monday 25 April 2016, 00:46:06
I have some friends in the area who mi
ght be able to help. I farmed and co-housed with one of them, and the other does green building. Where is the land located?
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 15:43:15
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