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Some interesting data here folks. If you were not already [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
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Some interesting data here folks. If you were not already aware, here is the current Vaccination regime set down by the Federal Government as at February 2016. I have also attached a link to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. Surprise surprise, that register has now been absorbed into the Human Services portfolio. Now if you look at the front page of the Human Services details do you notice it says, if your child is under 14, you, meaning the parent, may request a copy of their immunisation record, and it says that a child over 14 may request their own record. Very clever manipulation and concealment here by the government, its not telling you, the parent, if you have a right to view your child's immunisation record if they are OVER 14 years of age. And my bet is, you cannot, unless you do an FOI. But I am guessing that they will get your childs permission first. This is nothing but a ploy to separate children from their families and give undue rights to children by stripping away the right of the parent. Link 1 below is to the Human Services register, and link 2 is to the actual Program itself. More to follow from me on this.
Link 1…;
Link 2…;

Be aware and be vigilant

Craig Peter DG
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