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I was asked to post my Plan of action for starting an Ubuntu community here is what I have so far. This is only an Idea please read the book view and attend the Ubuntu workshops take it all in and make up a plan that will work for your community.
Phase 1 Ubuntu (Small Community)
So to Start we need a plan of action. Here is an outline of what I have come up with so far. Now with in Phase 1 other things should be looked at. Like we might have to get someone voted in to the highest political office before we could get the first project off the ground. The bigger plan of actions can be found in the Ubuntu book. If you are this far you should have read it by now. Also look to the Ubuntu Community websites for more info and help. Here is my plan so far for the native American communities I am talking to. This plan will evolve over time as I get more information.
1. Planning and Evaluation of the Project.
a. Analyze the existing community. (location, Weather, Resources, life Style, People, Etc.…) you need to know what you are working with.
b. Find out the political structure and who is in charge and how they got there. In order for Ubuntu to work you have to have the backing of the local government. You will need the funding, the permitting and stuff like that.
c. Find out what the top 3 most pressing needs are for the community.
i. Pin point one of the needs that will make the most impact and that can be done with the limited resources available in the community
ii. You will want to find a community project that has a great impact on the local community as well as showing the community the benefits that they will get by Contributing to the community projects and the community as a whole.
2. Communicate to the community what the plan is and how it will benefit the community and them and what they will get from helping with the project.
i. Communicate the Ubuntu Ideas to the greater community.
ii. Try to instill that we want to move to a world of Abundance without the use of money.
iii. Get as much support as you can for what you want to do. The more people involved the better.
3. Plan the first community project.
a. Talk to the community about the idea of the project.
i. What is expected from each of member of the community
ii. What they will get from helping with the project
iii. What you are trying to accomplish with the project
iv. What the future projects might be.
b. identify if outside resources are needed help get the project off the ground. (IF Needed)
4. Set the start for the community Project
a. Make sure all the ducks are in a row for the project. The needed resources are there.
b. The time is set.
c. The community volunteers know what is expected of them
5. Do the Project
6. Talk to the people about what they did and what the next project will be.
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Well done, with a lot of people you can do a lot of things ...
Tuesday 26 April 2016, 11:07:58
copy pasted ty
Tuesday 26 April 2016, 14:18:48
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