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Patrick Stewart absolutely destroys the government in this hilarious sketch From [...]

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Patrick Stewart absolutely destroys the government in this hilarious sketch

We are born with ALL rights it is only government that makes it seem that we aren't and tries to act like they are the creators/protectors of our rights. As it is not necessary to define the right to breathe, nor is it necessary to define any other right- those who define rights will be those who soon call them privileges and regulate and charge for those 'privileges'. The European Convention on Human Rights, does NOT give us rights either. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE GIVEN WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE.
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 11:40:53
So true. I totally agree with you.
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 17:55:16
It is also interesting to check out the irony in the russian Sci-Fi comedy movie "Kin dza dza" or animated version of it "Ku! kin dza dza". The amount of absurdity makes you realize that the world shown in this movie is not much different than our own in here on this planet of ours.
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 18:10:01
Yep we control out own life. Until people just change how we live nothing will happen. As long as we protest the government still have power as we are showing our reliance on them, we just nee to act and change acording to US!
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 19:41:46
The last two letters came out kinda not that right because it can be seen as the name of one... country Other than that, I agree on what you've said. It wuld be best to start fluent change in minds of young people.
Saturday 30 April 2016, 14:47:11
Yer I realised that once I had posted it! The the younge our our future but I feel we are running out of time and need to act now, how I don’t know but coming together like this is definitely a start.
Saturday 30 April 2016, 20:53:38
Let's act now to start changing minds of young ones More ideas will come to us later when we will be working on this.
Monday 2 May 2016, 17:24:41
Yes well said a great quote here but tipically I can’t find it now Ayton Senna basicaly said the eductaion of the children is out future. But the points kinda not there without the quote sorry
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:59:11
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