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How I can trust? You do not need trust it [...]

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How I can trust? You do not need trust it is not requite for the truth life at the present moment as we all can witness. Trust is necessity for lie to live. Wake up! Reality is all around you, it is not in our heads. I feel thankful for debunking stories, but all that shit is just imaginary real.
I need you to knock on the dour of your neighbors and get curious how they live, what they need, what their intentions are? … who knows, may be you can finger out together start sharing home made stuff join in/ create Time Bank in your local community, help each other out to use as less money as possible and as you grow create more home made stuff collectively. Watch each others kids and you don't need to pay for 'day care', You don't need insurance, when you know guys that build your house, will prepare it, because that what that team do. Receiving food from community garden makes you free from medical bill. Local yogis health nuts, actually work better as long you didn't broke your leg and need medical surgery. Other ways they ... Doctor that diagnose you, writes prescription for drugs that make him profit. I don't want any one to be around me, that behaves in involuntary manner. Coerced mind slavery cause our problems.
If you don't have money, but I do, we both know that you will do as I say. So monetary system is violent mob hierarchical pyramid of masters and slaves. And people rise the gangs to fight for their influence, power and everything is driven by fear and greed. Instead of friendships you buy servitudes for your needs in order to survive and of cause you pay servitude in order to have tool of coercion.
We can play gift economy and instead of money use time. We all have got 24 hours a day. It is never enough things that one don't need and only real human needs one can satisfy. If you believe that you are anything else then human being then you day walk and dream, play imaginary games.
Happiness comes in the moments when you satisfy your most argent human needs. Love is to give kids what they need and not what (advertisement suggest) they want.
We all need each other hold in the hand, hug and share. Hell ore Eden is right now dependently on what we do. The truth is as it is and what should be is a fantasy terrible lie that require to believe in order to exist.
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