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What a HUNT !!! When will people wake up and [...]

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What a HUNT !!! When will people wake up and realise this regime’s lies. They are privatising the NHS from the inside !
A complete hunt..considering what`s been going on he doesn`t even look like he`s lost any the guy said at the end of the interview "it was Mr Hunts idea to conduct the interview standing up" probably due to him being so full o shite it`s too uncomfortable to be seated for any length of time....hmmm,he`s a candidate for being a reptilian methinks....a very uncaring man at the head of the "caring" profession...who `da thunk it?
Thursday 28 April 2016, 18:50:12
Yet the BBC are fully behind him and the sheeple are hook, line and sinker under his control. It sickens me to the core! The NHS is being privatised from the inside out, I could tell you so many examples. Take this one a dept wants to move, due to being disbanded (to reduce costs) moving into a chaging room I: might add. Porters called to move filing cabinets, their told there is now only 7 poters with 600 just a day.... What was thier solution call the local removal company like others. Equipment’s stores now private, chemists now private, ambulance service now part private o I need to go on WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE !
Friday 29 April 2016, 09:02:32
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