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Time for action is here. It is also the time [...]

Lucas, Kansas
via Ubuntu Planet
Time for action is here. It is also the time to ask all the UBUNTU supporters around the world to stand up and show their support for the UBUNTU Party - and we can have the first political victory in 3 months and start the chain reaction.

The UBUNTU Party has 190 candidates around South Africa in several municipalities that want to represent the UBUNTU Party, and more are crossing over from other parties on a regular basis. I need to support these candidates to the best of my ability. At this stage I have printed some flags; banners, flyers and t-shirts to distribute, but it is just not enough. I have started distributing these to the closest municipalities around us - but we need a lot more. AND- we need much more funding to be effective.

As I write this we only have about R70,000 ($5000) left for the campaign. We need to rapidly raise much more funds to make this run smoothly and reach the people with our message - and I trust we will have a victory in ONE SMALL TOWN. This is our motto for these elections. An UBUNTU victory in ONE SMALL TOWN will start the domino effect to change the world into a utopian place of abundance and prosperity for all.

Please help us make this a reality and make a donation on our website here:…

OR - send a once of payment to PayPal email - [email protected]

OR - make direct payment donation into our non-profit company bank account
UBUNTU PLANET NPC (Non Profit Company)
First Nation Bank
Hyde Park, Johannesburg.
Account number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

The funding is required for the following:
More PR materials; local newspaper ads to explain our plan of action; local radio ads; distribution costs across SA; my travel expenses to many municipalities to meet with and train candidates; office costs; other unforeseen expenses. Please spread the word as widely as you can and make a donation towards UBUNTU Party and the South African Municipal Elections 2016.
I will do the hard work as I already am, drive about 6,000 kilometres around South Africa to distribute and train the people, but I need as much support as I can get.
In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger
Sunday 1 May 2016, 08:51:55
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