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One of the Admins for Prepare For Change .Net in [...]

Broadbeach, Queensland
via Prepare For Change
One of the Admins for Prepare For Change .Net in America is dishonorable.I have just found out that a friend I cared about has been forwarding my PRIVATE PERSONAL MESSAGES on to other people! These personal messages contained Sacred Knowledge from books and all sources that were to remain PRIVATE!!!!!
Now I find this Sacred Knowledge has been distorted by having it translated into Spanish and back into English with his friends adding their own distorted info totally corrupting the original information which has led people off track resulting in confusion!
JOEL GARZA!! No wonder you have taken so long to do 2 posters for me after I helped you out when you desperately needed it most, (see screen shots below) the first delivered after 5 months and the second one still not finished after 9 months, you have been stringing me along with false promises, while siphoning my info so you can feed your ego while your an admin of Prepare for Change and posting backing scams on your own timeline!
Nikki Colombo
Proof is on my Facebook page
Sunday 1 May 2016, 00:23:32
Sorry to hear this
Sunday 1 May 2016, 09:36:38
Your comments are worrying! I will pray for enlightenment and the truth to come out! I am sorry for what you are going through !
Sunday 1 May 2016, 16:45:20
Love and Light to All as One!
Sunday 1 May 2016, 16:45:38
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