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It is all getting sillier by the day! A French bank has been ordered to pay $0 million euros or dollars to a young Jew - for what seems like quite dubious reasons.
Why do Jews behave in such an undignified way? Normal people would be ashamed to do what this one has don - sue for "hurt feelings" ? He said he had dizzy spells and his family thought he might have a heart attack!!! Mosst people would find this sort of behaviour very UNmanly - to say the least.
He's behaving as he wills. We are each free to be as we choose. Why label and damn? If you don't like something, don't be that way. Are others suppose to act/think as you? That's a huge part of our current crap wheel that we keep spinning round on. My opinion of course, as that is absolutely ALL any of us has!!!
Friday 13 May 2016, 11:35:16
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