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Good Morning friends My name is Kahn Drollett a representative [...]

Maroubra, New South Wales
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Good Morning friends
My name is Kahn Drollett a representative for the UBUNTU Liberation Movement in Sydney Australia, for all members in the Sydney or neighbouring territories that haven’t done so already I invite you to join me along with our active members of our UBUNTU-SYDNEY-AUSTRALIA facebook group page at;…
I personally work closely with Liam Manley, for those of you who are unaware of Liam; Liam is our representative candidate for the next election representing the Australian UBUNTU Party in the senate for New South Wales.
The purpose of writing this message is to correspond to and unite all members of Australia and to assist Liam who needs to raise $3000 in order to assist with fees etc, If everyone contributed a little, say $5 or $10, we will get the amount in no time. Please visit to make your donations, alternatively, you can contact me at; [email protected] for more information or to make donations.

To all active members I ask that to keep well informed and up to date with the Australian Ubuntu Movement, I strongly urge and ask you all to visit and join the Australian Ubuntu Party at;
In order for our dreams to be recognised of living in a world of abundance, I ask that we all unite as one, participate and send our best wishes, blessings and support to Liam….
Thank you, friends, I appreciate your assistance as surely we are strong in unity.
You can contact me either on;
Facebook at;… or
Email; [email protected]

Money, money, money- not my idea of unity or abundance.
Friday 13 May 2016, 11:14:38
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