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Hello good people, I've not been the best circle host [...]

via Ubuntu - United Kingdom - Kent
Hello good people, I've not been the best circle host due to my young family and the horrors off running my own business's at the same time, I joined ubuntu planet when it first went online and thought i would make one of the first circles, not really thinking that it would take time and input to nurture it into something beautiful, having said that it is growing very well without my input and that is down to you guys and all your posts, thank you very much. I still pop in most days and sometimes more so, I'm not leaving or anything and i still support the movement and I still dream that one day it will become a reality, in fact i think about the whole idea almost all the time. I've got two neighbours in my village that are going to join so watch this space. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. x
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