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Hey everyone, I just got back from our first UBUNTU Minneapolis [...]

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Hey everyone,

I just got back from our first UBUNTU Minneapolis meeting and it was great! 5 of us got together over coffee at Caribou and got to know each other. Each of us came into the movement from a different angle and yet, we all had so much in common.

We are all determined to make a difference in this world and can't wait to get started. Everyone is planning to get the book and read it which is a great way to start. Then we are all going to put down on paper what we can do to contribute. By the next time we meet, we'll have even more momentum and we can get to work on our first project.

I did ask another customer to take our picture and it is on my phone. I would have attached it here but, right now I am having a full on computer/email/device/account/firewall/security/IT disaster. Hopefully, with some time, energy and help from my friends, I'll get everything back on line soon. Then you will see the photo of the Minneapolis team.

We're on fire!

Well don't hold your breath,
Saturday 14 May 2016, 21:00:33
I don't know how to post a picture here. I'll just send it via email.
Saturday 14 May 2016, 21:00:55
Deleted User
Fantastic news guys :)
Saturday 14 May 2016, 21:36:26
Awesome news Trygve !
Saturday 14 May 2016, 21:48:00
Cat Sun
Saturday 14 May 2016, 23:35:29
Amanda D
Hello! I'm just hearing about the Ubuntu movement through the show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV. I would be interested in joining your group. I live about 20 south of minneapolis.
Sunday 15 May 2016, 03:29:06
Sunday 15 May 2016, 03:29:07
Sunday 15 May 2016, 03:31:19
Sunday 15 May 2016, 05:11:54
Sunday 15 May 2016, 13:14:59
Mat Dowle
This is what it's all about (and the main reason I created this web platform). People getting offline and meeting up in the real world. Absolutely love hearing about this. <3
Sunday 15 May 2016, 19:31:49
Deleted User
You have done a fantastic job Mat Dowle. Thank you for all this ❂
Sunday 15 May 2016, 21:03:20
Mat, my hat is off to you and your efforts! I started this group when it first came on line and we had no members for months. Posting any comments didn't see like a worthy way to spend my time. Lately, people have been coming out of the woodwork and I have had all sorts of interesting private chats. This face to face meeting was what I was hoping would happen from the start. On Saturday, the number of awake people who I know personally doubled! Thanks!
Monday 16 May 2016, 15:24:29
I just had another private chat with Amanda D (our newest member #28). She just heard about Michael Tellinger through giam tv and was so inspired she joined our group. She missed the first meeting by that much but would like to go to the next meeting. In the mean time, she is reading the book. Welcome aboard Amanda!
Monday 16 May 2016, 15:27:21
I just wanted to add another reason why this circle is so cool. Have any of you tried to wake up your friends and family (tell me about it)? Cognitive Dissonance is real and it can be very painful. It makes people draw back into themselves and deny the possibility of anything bad. At that point, if you keep on pushing, they resist even harder and you become the problem. Then you back off trying not to burn any bridges (especially with close family members) and that just encourages them to shut you up next time. When you meet people who are already awake, the high hurtles to conversation don't exist. It is just wonderful so thanks again Mat!
Monday 16 May 2016, 15:33:51
Monday 16 May 2016, 15:48:04
Cat Sun
Wonderfully put Trygve!
Monday 16 May 2016, 17:16:07
Carolyn K
Its been so great communicating with all of you and excited for the next meeting!
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 15:11:27
Amanda D
Thank you Trygve! I look forwarding to reading the book, learning more and the next meeting!
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 16:55:56
I was looking at my calendar and most of the weekends are booked. How does Saturday June 11th sound to everyone?
Thursday 19 May 2016, 04:25:09
Amanda D
I won't know until the date gets closer - I will need to make sure my husband can watch our daughter. He's a realtor, so his schedule is all over the board!
Friday 20 May 2016, 15:28:48
I could use a good realtor. Our house has been on the market for 5 weeks now and no offers yet. Other people seem to sell their houses in 3 days!
Friday 20 May 2016, 15:30:42
Amanda D
Really??? It's definitely a sellers market! Everything my husband has is sold within days as well! He has way too many buyers and not enough sellers! If you want, message me your location - I could have my husband do a quick search and see what he thinks of your listing.
Friday 20 May 2016, 15:34:00
Amanda - I'll send you a private chat.
Friday 20 May 2016, 15:42:26
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