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It is a "downfall" of mine, perhaps, that I come [...]

Brantford, Ontario
via Ubuntu - Canada - Ontario - Peterborough
It is a "downfall" of mine, perhaps, that I come up with a "good" idea every day or so. Bad, bad, bad. It keeps me from doing productive things, like earning "money", for example. But as that in itself is a "bad" word around here, I will submit a system in which order can be gained (almost) for free. It is found at:… and is a combination of Tom Campbell (reduce entropy) and Janine Benyus (how photosynthesis works). The idea is to reward inactive people for doing simple things they can do to increase order (like picking up garbage), but making this a part of a system where more people can communicate with others, where they are, by making better use of existing wireless networks. It also makes use of the sun's energy to power their devices. Thus, this is a four part system (device plus network plus power plus positive reinforcement), so all of these aspects would need to be in place for this to work. I need to add a diagram or two, but feel free to add your two cents worth (or equivalent). Not sure what that is.
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