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I wanted to share an experience that I just had [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
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I wanted to share an experience that I just had on my walk. A mother and daughter came out of their house in a strong mode of conflict. Mom was displaying anger and frustration towards the daughter, and the daughter (no older than 10) was displaying a typical child's defiance. I started to walk faster in order to avoid being a witness to this uncomfortable situation. For several seconds, the conflicting dialogue continued between them, until the daughter suddenly said in a softer voice that was barely audible, “Thank you.” The mom then responded in a puzzled tone that was still harsh, loud, and angered, “FOR WHAT?” Then the daughter responded in a sweet, kind, innocent, and loving voice, “For everything.” Immediately the mom's state of aggression completely dissipated, and their interaction became civil and loving. For the rest of my walk my heart was deeply touched, and I shed several tears realizing I just witnessed the grandest of lessons. A lesson this very young little lady demonstrated so masterfully that so many of us can learn from. A lesson of the incredible and simplistic power of true kindness, empathy, and love and the phenomenal effect it has on another.
In the dawn of a time where the drums of war are beating so overwhelmingly loud, may we all share a similar kindness towards another, towards a stranger, towards an enemy, in order to heal the World and finally find peace.
Lovely, x
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 08:16:42
No offence to your story, but I just don't even understand how that would happen.
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 11:55:30
hey LAS, my interpretation of this is that the girl amidst the conflict chose the higher path of love which over-rode her ego impulses to completely flip the negative around 180°.. the mom's ego defenses quickly dropped and immediate forgiveness was initiated.. that's magic ;)
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 13:46:42
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