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Have been able to present the idea posted this past Tuesday to the owner of a web design firm in town. Thankfully, he understood the idea, and was able to add to it quite a bit. I got a rough idea of the price he would be expecting, as well as what I would need timewise to make this happen. My guess is that it would take within the six month range to develop something workable, then test and get user feedback. A summary of the idea can be found here:….

Roughly, the question is, "Can we design a self-reinforcing, non-monetary system that increases order, while following a downward energy gradient". The following a "downward energy gradient" is the key part. I think this is the distraction that money gives us. We mistakenly think that it is that which gives us the impetus to do, think and be creative, when it really is the spark within us. If that spark is multi-dimensional (as I think many in this group would understand), then it is in fact, infinite, unlimited and not tied to the limited resource set on this planet. That then would be the main difference and a path out of the mess we are currently in.

And this all came about just because I sat down and asked the question, "So, what are the main components of our lives, if we reduced it to the essentials?" I came up with: order, structure, function and energy. According to Tom Campbell, our goal is to increase order in this universe. That is, our best long term bet for survival is to order ourselves and the world around us in such a way that the bonds are self-reinforcing and self-assembling, exactly the patterns found at the molecular level in the world of biology.

Thus if everything fits together neatly, then maybe it is actually on the right path!

Let me know what you think and if you think this is a decent summary of how we function, or if I am missing something. Thanks.
Can you explain this with use case? What user do with this system?
Sunday 22 May 2016, 06:53:28
Jeff H
The only thing that will need to be tracked is if someone did the Minimum Contribution to the community which would be set by the Counsel of Elders. other than that i think the only other things that need to be tracked would be inventory of what the community produces then Uses or sells, and who using or selling it.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:02:20
Thanks for the comments. It would be great if there were actual communities. This looks, perhaps, at what might happen if we can only communicate online. As a means of explaining the problem with an example, I edited a video I made earlier: It talks about picking up garbage, which I can do, but am limited in that I can't turn in non-refundable items. The question is, how might this work in a non-money based system?
Sunday 22 May 2016, 21:21:51
Jeff H
We are working hard to start the communities it takes time.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 23:21:13
Jeff H
and to answer your question I am guess that someone would come up with a way to recycle everything. I heard a while back but can not find it again that there is a way of taking all trash and using a plasma field that can brake down trash to its base elements which can then be reused in making new things. but like I said I saw it somewhere and can not find it again. Also it work the same way you just turn the stuff in and the community will have to figure out a way to reuse it or turn in to something useful again
Sunday 22 May 2016, 23:28:32
Jeff, I was thinking a little about the "already, but not yet" problem. The idea exists in our minds, but to translate it into a 3D world, means we have to follow a logical, linear progression. Where I grew up, there are some side roads that don't meet. There is a jog. That meant that someone started at one end, and another team started at the other end. As they couldn't measure that accurately, these roads are then off by hundreds of feet. Here, at the one end is a community, at the other end are individuals scattered across the planet. I think that it takes an individual to translate a broad idea into the language and space of their own culture. That is the approach I am taking. I am just uploading a video where I do exactly that. That's just the kind of guy I am :). I haven't heard of the plasma field before. That would be ideal. Thanks for the response.
Monday 23 May 2016, 14:33:45
Here is the link to the second video on this topic (2:40). They are a lot of work (even for a short video), but I think it is a decent way to communicate on an online platform like this. It gives others a feel for this community, and I hope helps to clarify the question a little better. When I was working on a farm, we often had to count on our feet and make decisions based on that. Here I assumed the city was five km squared (my ideal, as it is more walkable), but it turns out it is actually five *miles* squared. Five miles is a bit of a stretch to walk end to end, but the calculations are the same.
Monday 23 May 2016, 15:40:19
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