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I have a question that hasn't been answered with researching [...]

Bellingham, Washington
via Ubuntu Planet
I have a question that hasn't been answered with researching Ubuntu. Once we have Ubuntu towns set up and we start selling overstock to the city's around us, what stops the powers that be using economic hitmen and espionage to stop the movement? Blankets with small pox comes to mind...
I'd like to think that the world around us would just sit there in amazement as the movement gains momentum, but this planet has a rather dark history.
agreed, that's why we keep sharing with the whole world what we are doing... if they kill one town... the world will know... hand in hand we walk, worldwide, united as never before.. if one falls a 100 more will rise !!! love and unity will prevail brother, believe in that if anything !!
Sunday 22 May 2016, 17:22:14
At this moment, the powers that be, are being undermined around the world in an organized effort by "White Hats" in the Pentagon, Chinese Elders and parts of the Dragon Societies in Asia and others who are, behind the scenes in a worldwide Alliance, going to rid the world of the Cabal by the time Ubuntu communities get to the point of having warehouses. We will still have to be vigilant and protect our fledgling movement because I like you, have been concerned about the Cabal taking us down before we get started. As I see it, they may not notice us until it's too late for them to do anything as they may be busy with the Alliance's takedown efforts. Please refer to David Wilcock's research and Benjamin Fulford's reports on the worldwide war against the Cabal.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 17:32:16
Im well aware of the cabal and the race lines behind them, however, my original concerns don't even need to jump into the rabbit hole before the Ubuntu movement would meet resistance. The monster capitalism would feel threatened with an undercutting market being introduced. Let alone the exclusion of global trade as a means for putting the Ubuntu town back under control of the elite. I know the Ubuntu model doest want to start us in the dark ages but how will we survive without basic goods beyond what we can grow/make ourselves. I'm all for positive thinking to effect our outcome but flying under the global radar doesn't sound very convincing to allow the time for the movement to gain traction. I hope not to come across argumentative, but I need these observations addressed so I can continue sharing this movement with others.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 18:50:43
Jeff H
The Powers that Be will try and take us down but we will be like the plague to them and once we really get going there is no stopping the movement. Do not give in to the Dark thoughts. if we can hold a positive Vision with no problems then we might just be able to manifest it. also once we truly have a Critical Mass of people that think it is possible to create Ubuntu we really will be unstoppable
Sunday 22 May 2016, 18:50:55
Let's not think about it is not an answer that satisfies the query. If I am tasked with convincing those around me, I need more substantial reasoning.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:02:52
Energy Kool
@Jeff H - I like to believe that the critical mass of people who "think it is possible" has been reached already some time ago. We need now to build the critical mass of people "getting to action to manifest it" Think terrains to gather these U.communities.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:05:39
Jeff H
I did not say not to think about it I said DO Give in to the Dark Thoughts, Do not Dwell on them. If we set up a community right they might be about to stop us from selling outside the community but they can not stop people from coming to us to buy things. And once enough people in the other communities around the first one start to see the truth benefit of what we are doing then. they will start their own. it will be a domino effect. and then the powers that be will not be able to stop us. So the answer is if we stay positive and work to help others and not our selves WE WILL BE FINE. now it might be wishful thinking but that is what I think. But at this point there is nothing stopping them from trying to stop us. that is why it is important for us in the outset to work as best we can with in the system until we are strong enough to with stand an attack.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:14:58
Jeff H
I do not think we have truly reached the Critical Mass in the Awakening yet. I think we are close but not there. I think it is going to take an event to wake up the rest of the people. Right now we need to get the plans ready to implement when the time is right. and in the meantime take the steps to help those around us and build a community base on the Ideals of Ubuntu.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:25:12
Cat Sun
I could not agree more w everything you said Jeff
Sunday 22 May 2016, 20:29:56
Cat Sun
Though I do sense things moving very wuickly right now.....
Sunday 22 May 2016, 21:30:45
Cat Sun
JoshuaPhim, I hear and feel what you are saying. It is only natural that from the point of view WITHIN the current system of control that it may seem as if we are merely a bunch of dreamers and perhaps not realistically facing certain particulars in regards to the inevitable resistence from the present power structure w/o any plans in place for how to deal with that. I also understand that you are doing your best to fully communicate all angles of this movement to others so that they may have a solid enough assurance that this is real and that it will be successful. The thing is, problems cannot be solved from the same mentality out of which they were created. Trying to convince people about all the myriad questions yet to be answered is impossible. I would also like to lovingly point out that the details of the physical manifestation of ubuntu communities is only half of the equation- the other half being a deeply spiritual belief and knowing that what we are doing is nothing less than stepping into our source-given power of love & light & unity - not following leaders or gurus or going by an instruction manual that has each step spelled out. It is an organic, ever-shifting, constantly adapting movement of co-creators. Deep inside we know that our sum is greater than our individual parts. Our current system has filled us with so much fear that it has controlled us with this for hundreds, thousands of years. We're beginning to wake up and not allowing fear to stop us from what our direct connection to our infinite consciousness guides us to do. There is a magnificent source of confidence and personal power that comes from integrating our left and right brains, that utilizes our rational mind symbiotically integrated with the wisdom of our heart and spirit - when this is tapped into every challenge is solvable and we are able to easily adapt to shifting scenarios. When this is truly realized by each of us the mental shackles come off and everything seems possible. The rub is we each can only do that for ourselves so for those who's questions veer towards the what if scenarios you can really only guide them to find their own answers within.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 21:55:34
Thank you for that eloquent response! I am humbled by your ability to bypass the issues that would just stall the conversation and get caught in a feedback loop! Thank you again!
Sunday 22 May 2016, 22:40:31
Sunday 22 May 2016, 22:54:29
@cat sun, I agree with you and I trust in my own path and know the right step will be made for when the time is needed. I was just looking for a more concrete answer, one I haven't yet came across answered by tellinger. But from what it sounds, it is that we will cross that bridge when we come to it. If someone does read this and have some insight on the subject I would like to hear it
Monday 23 May 2016, 02:47:50
Jeff H
Joshua, you are right no one has a real answer because no one has come across the problem yet. I think if we do it right we will not have to deal with it Either
Monday 23 May 2016, 04:00:43
Energy Kool
@Joshua - I might sound way to general but the easiest path in everything is the path of least resistance. Fighting against ... whatever, against anything, is far from fitting into the idea of "least resistance". There is a quote that says something like "building something new and better drives the existent into obsolete and forgotten". I go this path in my life and it works in harsh conditions. That means it would work even better in easier conditions. Hope this answer at least a little. In Light with Love <3
Monday 23 May 2016, 22:02:06
Energy Kool
Ok I 'll try to be a bit more specific. Buying the saddle while the search for the horse didn't even begin is avoiding taking the next really needed step by justifying with that the saddle might not fit the horse. It's logical but reversed and twisted. First build the communities and according to the available existence of resources then measures of protections will be decided in an agreement of each community. Of course, talking now about this in this state when there is no U community yet existent it's like going to buy the saddle without having the horse. In Light with Love <3
Monday 23 May 2016, 22:09:22
Jeff H
@Energy Kool I like that way you said that. lets burn that bridge when we come to it.
Tuesday 24 May 2016, 02:41:47
I appreciate everyone's input. I live my life by following the path of lest resistance. I'm changing the world by first changing myself and noticing the reflection around me. I don't know in what form this world is going to shift, I just know that it is. I'm glad to find Ubuntu because a new society structure is needed to replace this one. I hope the first citys get started without a hitch, understandably a lot will get figured out when we get there. Yet Im also fully aware of the current system and the psychopaths in charge, who's desire is to keep full control of this planet. To avoid that aspect in the planning of not only a new society but one that's designed to take over the others surrounding it doesn't seem well thought out. Maybe I'm here to ask this question because it hasn't been asked.
Tuesday 24 May 2016, 06:25:31
The universe stepped forward to answer my question (as usual), In the latest Gia episode (Season 2, Episode 4), Micheal answered a question at the end (53mins) that hints at what I was asking about. "I know when we get to the solution you’ll see how those solutions will deal with those (dark) questions. What are solutions, our new alternative our new directions and our new reality provides opportunities and a breeding ground for new Innovations, new technology, a new United world of Harmony in higher Consciousness. That brings with it technology that also becomes as terrible as it sounds, a defense mechanism. The technology that we have available to us by freeing up our inventors becomes a defense mechanism against anything or anyone out there as draconian (literally) and as they think they may be."
Thursday 26 May 2016, 21:37:31
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