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Lancy, Genève
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French speaking video about "basic income" in Switzerland we are going to vote soon, so this person being interviewed is no less than a professor and the director of the institute of banking and finance of the university of Zurich, he says that if we were to introduce a tax on electronic transactions, not only would it bring enough extra money to finance the "basic income for everyone" but it would be enough remove the yearly taxes..

Isn't that impressive ?

I'd like to add my grain of salt, if someone doubts it would be enough, we could always tax luxury products, such as 3000$ TVs, would someone who pay a 3000 $ tv mind if he paid 3020 ? would someone who pay a watch or a jewel 50'000 mind if they paid 50500 instead ?

What about a small tax on telecommunications, since it's already way overpriced anyway... and a tax on alcohol and tobbaco ..

Think that's not enough ? what about legalizing Cannabis like in colorado ? and taxing it ?

Knowing Cannabis is not only less harmful than Alcohol, but also less (a ton less) addictive, it's impossible to die from overdose or over consumption of Cannabis.. Cannabis have incredible amounts of medicinal properties, some studies even show cancer killing properties !! (what if cannabis cured cancer documentary).

Know what we know, it is literally criminal to have the Cannabis plant illegal.

The ways to finance something such as the basic income (and obviously get rid of yearly taxes altogether ahem) we have them, the question is, do the governements really want to have a positive budget at the end of the year ? or maybe they want us to be in the red, in the negative, so that the internation bankers can have their way and enslave people with their debt based monetary system, who are these ultrarich and superbanks who "lend money" to the countries of the world anyway ? don't tell me all this money come from many small stock brokers investors... I don't believe that, the truth is that some individuals part of a small elite of "hyper rich" bankers, their international banks and money printing affiliates literally have full control over the countries of the world and the citizens.

Look a Grece for instance, what's the deal? what's the end goal ? they are in a deep financial crysis, and there is no way they're getting out of it, the interest rates of their "country loans" keep rising and rising, how are they supposed to pay it ? if they weren't able to pay it in the first place, how could they possibly come out of the crysis knowing that ?

This is a vicious spiral, the country is being vampirised by foreign banks and interests, privatisation of companies once owned by the state.

What's the end game here ? full control of the said banks over the country and it's citizens, it's a modern day legal looting.
Strong Force
I forgot to mention the small rich superelite I refer of is the biggest and most powerful crime syndicate of human history, and also, I figured it was time for a truth nuke ;).
Monday 30 May 2016, 14:46:33
yo, i gotta get back to you on this when i watch the vid.. thanx for the post btw.. i think in france there's a tax on electronic transactions (la carte bleu) and in italy- i remember hotels that repeatedly lied by saying their machines were'nt working and that they couldn't accept credit cards- just to avoid paying those taxes, which is a pain in the ass for businesses in general and i can understand why.. yea, legalise cannabis! no need to hinder businesses by taxing a common form of payment- they already pay visa/mastercard, etc a decent interest anyway right? a bientôt
Monday 30 May 2016, 18:41:23
Strong Force
He's talking about a 0.2-0.4-0.5% tax so let's say 50 cents on 100 chf no big deal, the last question is interesting about whether it could promote delocalisation of economic transaction, he then go on to say that it would be a good thing as mainly banks or trading companies that does high frequency trading would suffer, high frequency trading is fraudulent ! buy and sell within miliseconds
Tuesday 31 May 2016, 01:41:08
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