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Hmmm !!! Interesting . 5G , [...]

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Victoria, British Columbia
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Hmmm !!! Interesting . 5G , 6 minutes 17 seconds .…
Wow, thanks for posting ww ! Glad to see you back in full force I have been waiting for news of the International appeal that went out a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure what to make of this reaction, but it looks good on the surface. Will follow closely what comes next. I'm still trying the piecemeal approach to smart tech information with others - talking about smart meters and cellphones and connecting all sources of microwave radiation but wanting fast forward and jump into 5G. I usually ask the older generations if they remember being warned in schools, clinics, hospitals, etc. about the presence of microwave ovens and cellphones... It gets them thinking but then they forget (because of the same bloody tech!) and so back to square one and on goes the stupid cycle. Energy-zapping stuff, as I'm sure you know. Patience is getting harder and harder to come by but this video will definitely be shared.
Monday 7 January 2019, 01:59:47
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