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This was inevitable. My first smartphone was bought back in [...]

Mochdre, Conwy
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This was inevitable. My first smartphone was bought back in 2015. Went for an upgrade a few months back as part of birthday pressy. Lasted a couple of days with it and gave it back (full refund for my son). Come to think about it he never gave me anything else. Hmmm! Looks like I dipped out there. I'll remind of this fact Anyhows I went back to my 'so called' old phone and I will stick with it for as long as possible. Enjoying countless hours of audio books and downloads from YT (especially from FCP) What would I do without FCP.

New phone was too intrusive (because of new android versions) and I was not comfortable with it.…
Hammer time for cellphones .…
Monday 14 January 2019, 00:43:26
I'd like to smash every single iphone on the planet not just 30. Used to own an iphone many years ago but I hated the link up to their software and my iphone died on me while in egypt and I was without music to listen to for a whole week. Never forgave them after this.
Monday 14 January 2019, 16:45:35
So satisfying!
Thursday 24 January 2019, 14:46:23
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