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Anyone here interested in discussing the coming 5G rollout? [...]

Mount Nelson, Tasmania
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Anyone here interested in discussing the coming 5G rollout?
discussing or stopping? Have you joined the yellow vests?…
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 10:03:14
Hi Alex.. glad to hear from you over in Taz. A birdy tells me InPower are nearly ready with the 'All Things Wireless' Notice of Liability which could/should be a way to halt the rollout of 5G. As soon as its available I'll post with links etc... I know they are working VERY hard behind the scenes.... as are many of us
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 10:27:35
Alex D
Thanks for the replies Radek and Lula. Radek, while most of the published demands of the YV movement are worthy and appear to be a much needed and welcome rousing of human dignity, passion and common sense, at this point its unclear weather or not the yellow vests are anything other than another orchestrated colour revolution. Regardless Y.V its too layered at this point (I may be very wrong) to assist in the presentation of 5G issues to i.e; an indipendant MP or Joe Public. So discussing/Brainstorming is appropriate at this point considering the lack of awareness on the ground in this part of the world. Lula, that sounds interesting please keep me posted.
Wednesday 23 January 2019, 20:49:42
Hi Alex, I marched at the Sydney protest last Saturday. More cops than us, but I think we made a point. We retired to the pub afterwards (not all - maybe 18) - all strangers - and got on like a house on fire. Peaceful, intelligent protest and pub talk. Lots of concern re 5G, vaccines, flouridation etc - signs of folks who are at least somewhat awake. Initial mission is to spread knowledge about CIR and hopefully reduce the horrific corruption within government.
Thursday 24 January 2019, 07:18:18
Alex D
Thanks for filling me in...ummm did people actually wear yellow vests? not trying to razz you up, just curious to know a bit about it? At this point I can only do so much but want to discuss some little things we can do to start with to protect ourselves i.e; diet, supplements, Shungite, Organite, other shielding. What kind of high density info can/should be collated for sharing i.e; the birds falling out of the sky in the Hague story that was circulating late last year was an interesting one, but was it actually 5G that caused it and not a poison? Did the birds really die from internal bleeding after 5G was turned on and tested? I'm open to the possibility, it certainly wouldn't surprise me but can I share it with Joe public and not be debunked? Thses kinds of things Im hoping to communicate about a bit...

'5G, vaccines, flouridation etc' This is all Agenda 21/2030 type stuff, the globalists are trying to push it out covertly (I'm sure your aware) and now they're at a critical phase of deployment. We cant expect anything other than complete corruption from Government and acquiescence from brainwashed lemmings (sorry to the real lemmings) like 'sustainable living' and greens everywhere, they'll be going along with all the programming, so there will be very little awareness of the big picture stuff. Yellow vests may eventually get some of their needs and wants met and well all think finally justice etc...but the parasites have always got what they want historically speaking...its always a multi level thing with them, redirection, herding towards more and more pernicious schemes. In not trying to be negative or cynical, just thinking out loud. How do we cease to participate in as much of the pernicious stuff as possible and steadily keep up?

Friday 25 January 2019, 08:36:09
Yes we did wear yellow vests. What we want is only a tiny first step towards regaining our humanity - stop the obvious blatant corruption of the 2 party system in government. Nobody can do this by themselves - all anyone who is awake can do is wake others up. As the problems originate from money - the brainwashing of us to desire as much money as we can get - at the expense of our souls - and those at the top can print as much money as they like - it appears we are fighting an unwinnable war. But we are an unstoppable force. I can send you a list of useful resources to help spread the awakening.
Saturday 26 January 2019, 22:27:55
Alex D
Thanks for filling me in Radek, respect for you and the others. Its a moot point to say I have no time for this right now, when in reality getting on with not being free range slaves is a fundamental task for all of us to participate in and perhaps the crux of every societal dysfunction we endure, but right now I don't have time to participate. Please keep me in the loop though.
Sunday 27 January 2019, 21:32:34
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