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We all know the problem and most of us are [...]

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We all know the problem and most of us are aware of who the perpetrators are, so, what are WE going to do about it, we can all sit about in the hope that certain prophesies are going to manifest and, or, we can discuss plausible ways of increasing awareness on a local and global level, the challenge is, the speed at which the sleeping giant is waking, take the UK as an example, there are approx. 63 million humans on this Island of ours, can you imagine the effect on them if somehow we could 'fast track' their awakening? We could potentially begin the 'evolution' overnight, I don't buy into revolutions because in my opinion we just go back around in another circle, we need to stop the wheel, step out of the circle and take humanity in the direction we were intended to go in, how do we do it?? we have a responsibility to help raise the awareness of all the poor souls out there bumbling about from day to day not knowing what the hell is wrong, but, they know something is just not right, my job takes me up and down the UK and I am lucky that I get to meet different people all the time, its refreshing for me as there is always something different to discuss with different people and when I leave them I'm content that something has been stirred within their sub-conscious, its the ones who are stuck in the same place, day in day out doing the same thing, how can we reach these if everyone in the office or factory is stuck within the same narrative? When we break through to them what is the next step? well in my opinion again, marches, demonstrations are all well and good, although they are always temporary and on a temporary basis (weekends) I've known people in my past who have booked days holidays to go and stand on their own picket lines for fear of getting the sack!!!!!!! The truth is the established order are not afraid of demonstrations, they've dealt with them all since the 1926 General strike and they have no problem using force or fire arms to bring us to heel again (Tonypandy riots Churchill sent the troops in and men were shot, 1984 -85 miners strike soldiers were deployed to bolster the picket lines) the point is marching, petitions, demonstrations have not got us anywhere near where we should be in terms of a fair and just society, my suggestion is we organise a General stay put, no one goes to work, no one drives a vehicle, and we do this on a national scale of non-compliance, but, we all have to do it, leaving the established order to deal with the consequences, then we politely negotiate the return of sovereignty to the people and begin to establish a society that is based first and foremost on morality, then the rest will fall into place, we do not need a house of commons, house of lords or a royal family, the people are more than capable of sorting out the mess the establishment have created, as we've known for a long time the mess is created intentionally to keep us all living in fear, its called managed decline and we can put it right, I've been saying for a while that it must be really hard work to make such a mess and to maintain it as a mess, that's how obvious it is, only we can be the change we would like to see, so, come on lets start by breaking ground and putting in the foundations of something beautiful.
Hi Neil- great that you took the time to write your message; I wanted to draw your attention also to the 'Direct Action' Circle (see above) as often we have more open discussions/ideas about action plans there which can then be translated into action in our neighborhoods. Whats happening in your neck of the woods at present? Any other folks you have found, or are you on the move too much to create a regular meet-up?
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 18:56:30
Neil 7
Hi Lula, I have started a circle in my area but with no response as yet, like everyone else on here the frustration can get to you, we just have to be patient and keep putting one foot in front of the other, I do travel up and down the country, however, I work for myself so, there is a degree of flexibility on my part👍
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 20:11:02
Radek… is a great start. plenty of like minded folk. spread the word.
Wednesday 23 January 2019, 11:25:33
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