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I wish to meet with likeminded people who want to [...]

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I wish to meet with likeminded people who want to do something positive in order to #STOP5G and SMART METERS from being stealthily introduced into our streets/roads. I want to make people aware of the dangers of these to our health, to our children's health and most of all to our freedom.
Hi noncicredo. Most of us feel the same way and are busy working on plans/ideas/freedom of information docs etc. Have a good look at '5G' posts as well as the pinned post on this page.
Also keep in min that InPower Movement are soon to release the NoL for 'all things wireless' and already have one for smart meters. Let me know if you want to contact ther UK group.
I would suggest you put Merseyside into the search here to find others in your area if you have not already done this. Send them all pm's (private message) and they will receive an email notification... thats one way to set up a circle of people with similar concerns. Let us know if you need more support or can report back how it goes... Louise (FCP coordinator)
Friday 25 January 2019, 17:05:34
Friday 25 January 2019, 17:06:59
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