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"Weather manipulation massacre" is in fact PURE DOPOPULATION PROCESS [...]

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"Weather manipulation massacre" is in fact PURE DOPOPULATION PROCESS
wild earthed
Check out what is being spewed from Spain today and headed for the Balkans in tommorrows "forecasted" precipitation (use all the menus & options, eventually play the animation loop in the ASH & other spectars, the darker or gren/yellow it is, the more pure toxic it is, also the VAST CHEMTRAILS TODAY are the same colour, so there you go!)
God help us!…
Thursday 24 January 2019, 14:30:16
wild earthed
Sorry for the typo's, I am losing my bodily capabilites rapidly here. And remember, WE ARE ON THIS PLATFORM to be informed to to make arrangements to COME TOGETHER IN THE REAL PHYSICAL WORLD, nothing will stop this PURE EVIL/MACHINE by being pacifistic towards it & sitting in front of displays, NOTHING! GET OUT AND PROTEST IN FRONT OF THE MACHINE SYSTEMS AT LEAST!
Thursday 24 January 2019, 14:33:59
Chin Whisker
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Saturday 26 January 2019, 02:16:23
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