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Question of the Day This is bugging me. Why can't two [...]

Mochdre, Conwy
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Question of the Day

This is bugging me. Why can't two batteries charge themselves while still using one for power? Example a car has two batteries. One powers the vehicle while still charging the other that has drained. The cycle continues over and over again until the batteries would need changing. Maybe someone knows the answer.
[deleted user]
That is what a voltage regulator is for in a vehicle. With the proper regulator you could have many backup batteries or one for the camping unit that only gets a charge when it's low. You still can't produce more power than being used though unless you have a fuel source (Diesel, Gas, Solar,). So you could not keep 2 batteries charged using the other, the transfer alone would take some of the power too. Hope that answers it
Wednesday 30 January 2019, 17:51:15
Yep thanks for this.
Wednesday 30 January 2019, 17:53:20
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