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ORLANDO FALSE FLAG UPDATE This disgusts me, yet again innocent [...]

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This disgusts me, yet again innocent people have been murdered. The evidence is pilling up

Newpaper post six hours before it happened:…

Wife deleting soical media before attacke:…

We know it happens. How do we get to the other 99.9%. That's the question. Its been life long programming and only a few have so far broke free.
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 22:32:29
Very good point Phillpots and a tricky one. I am a massive believer in the Hundredth Monkey theory an we are nearly there once that hundredth monkey is awakend human consciousness will take over. We just have to talk to others slowly slowly things will start to make sense to them, just like it did to me and you. Us sharing info on here to use as evidence to tell others to watch or to explain to them, it our resource to counteract the propoganda media !
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 11:44:39
Corporate media (in all forms) needs to tell the truth. But they will not. So until they do I feel we stand no chance. I keep thinking of ways figure this out - a way to get to the masses and tell the truth, but this network of corporate controlled media slithered in years ago and took over. I am to blame as is everyone else.
Thursday 23 June 2016, 23:14:20
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