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Hi ALL, Can anybody tell me what's the big deal [...]

Reading, Pennsylvania
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Hi ALL, Can anybody tell me what's the big deal with all this Mandela Effect bull shyt. I see it as another mind game the powers that think they be are pulling. What you think?
could be.. this link talks about that a bit and the parallel realities or earth timelines rather.. it's quite long, but a good all around read.. in short, since it's buried a bit, let's say there are 2 earth timelines that are in the process of slowly merging... the powers that wish they'd be are trying to shift the polarity to negative, service to self vibrations as much as possible to lock all that in.. so once the timelines are merged, the earth will be "galvanized" by the current mass consciousness vibes at that juncture.. this could be incorrect and just another distraction from our knowledge of self
Friday 17 June 2016, 10:40:44
Lorraine H
@ AWAKEN YaMind thank you.
Friday 17 June 2016, 13:58:39
you're quite welcome
Friday 17 June 2016, 14:35:44
Hi Lorraine. Just wanted to clarify that the parallel universe theory is one of a few in response to the Mandela Effect. These theories emerge because people do not know exactly what the cause is. I can assure you, it is not "bull shyt" or something fabricated by our governments or whomever else. Quite the contrary actually, the "powers that think they be" attempt to downplay, ridicule, and confuse the people on this matter anywhere they can find it being discussed. And unless you were one of "them" (lol), you'd be wise to keep an open mind regarding ME's. You'd never know it's real, until you experience one. And honestly, I hope you don't. One's sanity may be safer having not.
Saturday 3 December 2016, 00:57:36
Lorraine H
Thank you @ sarah
Saturday 3 December 2016, 05:10:31
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