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Hello People, I have been toying with the idea of forming [...]

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Hello People,

I have been toying with the idea of forming a bailiff/debt collector response network. I'm quite security concious by nature, am involved in security dog training, have been tackling bailiffs/debt collectors for a number of years and I am yet to part with a single penny, so I believe my methods of defence are certainly proving to be effective and my knowledge gives me a strong basis going forward... Now of course this is very early stages, just brain storming, and a lot of details would need ironing out (i.e. Which debts to protect from. Huge personally agreed debts like phone/internet bills, friends/family disputes, veterinary bills, landlord evictions No. Anything from a Magistrate (Council Tax, Speeding, Parking, Toll charges etc), or subsequent agency acting on behalf of Magistrates, or an agency who has purchased the debt. Yes)..... but, if this is something that could gather a mini network of strong minded people, it could be quite effective.
For the most part though people are just unprepared for a bailiff attack, their home is too easily accessible/approachable, their property is insecure, they are too easily scared by letters and too easily put on the back foot by the appearance of authority. So if not a little team to arrive to prevent bailiff from entering, I'll perhaps be able to operate alone to offer advice on how to secure what is yours.
Cars/vans are the main one, so here is my solution. Your car is parked on the street or driveway then you deserve to have it taken for being so complacent. That was the lesson I learned lol, but I did get that car back without paying a penny ;)... and ever since my car has been kept locked in a garage. Numerous visits, numerous thousands of alleged £££'s owed and still I have a firm grasp on my car because they cannot break in. Don't have a garage ? Well that will be me shorty, except in my case my garage will be too small for my next car so I'm doing what has to be done to protect what is mine, i'm ripping half my back fence out to put a massive gate in to keep my car safely locked on private land, again somewhere bailiffs cannot go. Unable to get the car onto private land ? Well, enter door number 3. You get a pneumatic drill, or other concrete smashing instrument, you tear a basketball sized hole in the ground, sink a cast iron ring into the floor and chain your car to the ground by its axle. Bailiffs cannot cause damage to your property, so they cannot cut the chain or lock, but its best to get a big fat lock and chain to be on the safe side. With a bit of luck they will try to recover it chained down and damage it whilst you film, then you could go legal against them lol They may clamp it whilst chained down, but that is when you call Bailiff Response Network and we go round with an angle grinder and cut it off Lol

This is an ongoing battle in many peoples daily lives and should be addressed... i see this as nothing more than domestic terrorism. I mean, these agencies/companies are the only people who attempt to impose themselves on me in a direct manner.

Thoughts appreciated
I really like your idea Freeman, what would your suggestion be to those who don't own their home and are renting? Could your idea still be effective for those in that kind of situation?
Saturday 18 June 2016, 02:03:37
Like the Idea freeman. Get a circle set up, good work
Saturday 18 June 2016, 15:29:19
[deleted user]
Rental would come under personal debts. If you enter into an agreement with someone, you provide your share and the opposite party does not provide theirs, then this is theft........ of course it goes without saying that everyone should have a home regardless of whether or not someone is able to conjure up enough wealth to be able to barter a deal for accommodation, but I guess the rental situation, born out of a ruthless capitalist mentality, lives and dies in the hearts of those who own accommodation, so called "land lords"...... Things like monetary demands for "driving offences", private/council parking fines, council tax & TV Licence are all dealt with by Magistrates. Challenging these things will bring a type of bailiff to your door that is not allowed to break in, so if your property is properly secure then you are protected. And although my proposed group would not deal with personal debts, the same method actually applies. Water companies, energy companies, internet/phone companies etc. If you run up a personal debt like this the debt will be either sold to, or outsourced through a debt collection/bailiff company who (even if authorized by the High Court) again is not allowed to break into your property, so again, as long as your property is correctly secured you are protected, although I believe a High Court debt collector/bailiff may make a stronger attempt to seize a car/van on a driveway even if it is chained to the ground, they may attempt to break the car/van free if that is the situation they are presented with..... The issue here being, when a property/house/apartment etc is involved the High Court with authorize a debt collector/bailiff company to attend with a locksmith, so they will break in in this circumstance..... Perhaps they are not allowed to break in in the pursuit of a debt that is not related to a house/property because they are not allowed to cause damage, whereas the house/property is owned by the man/woman who approaches the court, so whatever damage may be caused to the property/house has been authorised by the house/property owner....... In short, a land lord seeking removal of someone in a property/house that they own is something I do not think we could stand against. What we can stand very firm against is any monetary demand thrown at people by government, fines, penalties, bills etc, as well as private things like toll and parking charges, TV Licence.... and water charges are something I believe we could justifiably stand up against. Of course water should be free for everyone, and not only that but these are charges dished out for providing contaminated water, so again further reasonable cause to refuse payment as the service provided is not to an acceptable standard.
Sunday 19 June 2016, 20:10:14
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