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We have a very exciting announcement!!! We have an opportunity [...]

Richmond, Vermont
via Ubuntu - United Kingdom
We have a very exciting announcement!!! We have an opportunity to purchase a large parcel of land to start the first Ubuntu community, conference center & headquarters in the USA! Please donate what you can. We are doing this Bernie Sanders style and the first Ubuntu community will be 15 minutes away from his hometown. OUR TIME IS NOW! Watch the video below to learn more:…
Absolutely wonderful to Hear Morgan! They are not ready for how fast and powerful this movement really is and how true its members hearts are.
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 12:43:08
Fantastic News! Fully support it.
at the moment I just can’t contribute. But I will spread this news and do all I can. A great time for UNBUNTU
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 16:50:07
[deleted user]
to become another google monster ?
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 18:05:11
How do you mean Larry ???
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 11:24:30
[deleted user]
how ever well intentioned the US Western Europe corporate elite will not allow this to become what it intends they will infiltrate your organization and take it over or shut it down !
Thursday 23 June 2016, 06:31:32
Boo the naysayer No matter what the critics say, we WILL find a way even if they come at us, then we work WITH the system on so far as to prevent closures.
Monday 27 June 2016, 02:12:07
Sera Y
i guess that deleted user was what you call a troll trying to spread absolute negativity and hopelessness...not true guys...someone told me that the magic ratio for change is 2.5% of the population uniting around a common purpose....2.5% is not very much is it? Its a universal law that shows that external change will and HAS TO happen if that number is reached. At the moment I would say that the percentage of people who know about the control/money/matrix agenda is way over 2.5% but the problem is getting people once they know of these things to IMAGINE an alternative beneficial reality and not become totally depressed and defeatist. This is why I LOVE UBUNTU- it has solutions! and a law of free will exists upon this planet that the cabal know about and have to operate under as its not true to say that 'they' would never allow Ubuntu to happen- they have to if it is the united free will of citizens...Michael tellinger and co have found a way to go through the political channels, utilising the money provided thereof and there is not a thing they can do about it. Send in the troops? expose themselves as being completely facist? no that is not their way... they only send in troops in internationally manipulated situations ...their game is only to use propeganda programming and economic lock down to keep us in despair and separation....we ve seen through that now and next step is to implement Ubuntu THROUGH the political vehicle....this is why intentional sustainable communities are in such trouble with planning permission etc because they do not have political back up...keep the Faith!!!! There is a bigger truth and these so called truth sayers like David Icke are i believe energetically attacking our emotions by outlineing all the evil but providing no solutions....UBUNTU is the only movement I have found that can take us through this shift....Keep the Faith people and lets start meeting locally...yes actually MEETING face to face to work on bringing the Ubuntu message to the UK XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wednesday 20 July 2016, 17:55:22
Sera Y
infiltrate Ubuntu? shut it down? how CAN they if Ubuntu has been VOTED in by the people? Infiltrators maybe trying to work against the movement but in such a transparent system how long would they remain secret? ans send in troops no. Shut down no unless they make blatent laws forbidding contributionalism and cooperation again no. too obviously shows them up for what they truly are. Nope.Not a thing they can do about it-they know this and are probably packing their bags to climb aboard one of their antigravity vehicles that they have kept secret to find another planet to live on because they know that one Ubuntu has a foothold and more and more people unite around this their days here are numbered as freemen! .... in our lifetime the jails will be full of all these reptillian brained monsters...exept they will probably be much nicer rehabilitation and healing centres than the grim draconian places they are now.
Wednesday 20 July 2016, 18:56:18
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