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A staged event of a different kind but with every bit the same agenda. One that will not be obvious at all to many people, so therefore one that you would of thought might be easier to get away with once staged, but in this instance I can look at the evidence with a vast amount of personal experience so do not have to rely on the "professional" opinion of others, I can see this for myself, clear as day....... Something we all probably know of is that when security/police dogs are trained you will have an actor (known as a "decoy") posing as the "criminal", and this actor/decoy is wearing what is known as a bite suit. You can picture it, a very heavily padded suit which makes the wearer seem as though they have gained 300lbs. I have trained security dogs, I have worn these suits. I know what a dog looks like when it is focused on delivering a bite, and I can tell immediately when a dog is not fully committed in its drive. And the event linked below of a dog "attack" in East London back in 2012 is a 100% fabrication. Do not forget, dogs fall under the same umbrella as guns, dogs will protect us at all costs no questions asked, dogs do not discriminate, all threats to their home/family/pack are treated equal, Lest we not forget the 4 breeds listed as "prohibited", 3 of which are amongst the most defensively capable breeds known to man, and the 1 other is up there with the most popular breeds of dog in the world, not to mention it is a great family protector, a great hunter, and lives a long and healthy life, so in many way is the perfect companion dog for mankind as it is social, can put food on the table and protect your children....... Anyway, on topic, I will highlight a few keys areas of the video, see if you can spot them, use your common sense and tell me what you think.....

6 secs... Officer leaning over near dog seems to be presenting right (protected) arm as the handler behind gate strikes dog. I suspect that they were anticipating that as the dog was struck it would switch the dog into drive and would just bite and hold the nearest thing, in this case being officers protected arm.

7-11secs... The officer screams out and makes a "flee" type movement as the dogs hops in its hind legs towards him targeting the right (protected) arm. Now, the dog in question is of bull terrier type, a dog which is usually high in prey drive, so when I have developed these dogs in the past, if I want to ensure they stay committed to chasing me and catching me with a good grip I act like prey, by making a lot of noise and running/moving away, as if they are chasing prey.

11-13secs... Now this is the clincher for me. The officer is leaning back up against a waist high wall when you can see the dog clearly loses interest and stands down on all 4's. By this point the officer has stopped screaming, of course as there is nothing to scream about, but once the dog appears to have pretty much lost interest the officer then turns towards the dog and presents his arm to be bitten again. Is this the action of a normal man attempting to flee a dog that is attempting to bite him ?? I do not think so....

13-14 secs... The dog again attempts to go in for a bite to the presented arm, but only appears to nip before backing off as it appears to be startled by the officers scream, which I can tell as the dog goes backwards and drops the front of its body a little lower to the floor. This to me looks like the dog is playing, but it has interpreted the officers scream as wrong doing, so even though he has bitten the toy, he has been told off, hence leaving the bite, skipping a little backwards and lowering the front of the body and head.

14-21secs... The officer seems to grapple with the dog in close quarters, and I can tell you that when you take your foot off the gas as a decoy you are doing one thing, and that is allowing the dog the go in for a cleaned grip, and it would appear as though that could very well be the case here as quite frankly this "dog attack" is all pretty pathetic one up to this point as the dog doesnt seem at all committed to its delivering a bite. I cannot be sure with the film being from distance and the dog and officer grapple being in close proximity to but it looks as though the officer even uses his other arm to put the dog onto his protected arm (?)

21-23secs... Now I have previously said the officer is wearing a hidden protective sleeve, and here is the proof. If a dog has a bite on your arm the last thing you are going to be able to do is elevate the front legs of a 50-60lb off the ground, but wouldn't you just believe that the brave officer manages to do just that, not only does he elevate the dogs front legs once, but twice, and as he does he even manages to walk off towards his colleague with the dog attached to his arm with its front legs elevated !!!!! How ??? I challenge anyone to do this with an unprotected arm.... Now of course these are police who have been called to attend a supposed "wild dog" so of course they are going to be wearing protective equipment, i myself know this to be common practice, but the question I have then is.... why all the screaming in pain ?? and why are all the other police jumping up on walls to flee, were these officers not also wearing protective equipment ?? why only the one officer in protective equipment when multiple officers are attending ?? and if these other officers were wearing protective equipment too, why did they not come to the aid of their colleague ??

The remainder of the video is just them executing the dog in the street .........

I will finish up by saying that I have had to restrain many dogs down the years, most of which are/were double the size and 100 times more intense than the dog in the video here, which again only highlights the unwillingness of the police to want to resolve/prevent this situation from escalating, and willingness to just make this a whole show for the public to get into. This situation appearing to escalate to something beyond control was exactly the goal IMVHO.…

Please also see this 2nd filming of the incident, which seems to be the same event, but slightly different. It appears to filmed from slightly earlier, the sound has been stripped which is very suspicious and what appears to be happening is it looks as though they attempt to fire the dog up but it doesnt work entirely... then from 18secs, that is where the guardian linked video picks up from. Consider the guardian linked video seems to be the start of the event. Dog is calm, officer not screeching, everything seems OK, but this link below clearly show the handler lashing at the dogs and the police running about as if to get the dog into a bite...... Of every reported event seeming to be staged. this for me is by far and away the most blatant and obvious.…
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