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If theres any topics in bristol or the surrounding area [...]

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If theres any topics in bristol or the surrounding area that people would would like to discuss or get involved in please join and feel free to post!
I awoken 2 months ago and things are starting to come together. I'd love to discuss it with like minded people.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 15:23:33
Hey man. hows it going? What kind of ideas you bouncing around? Whats got you interested?
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 22:12:42
Was watching Anthony peak nice to see scientists tying stuff together with an open mind
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 22:36:40
Thanks Luke, I'm new to the group - Hi to all. Relatively new to the realisation of the extent of the technological agenda. We all have our part to play, but for me I am trying to raise awareness of 5G and the Internet of Things. Have started using facebook as a means of ........trying (and the emhasis is on trying!!) to raise awareness regarding this. (facebook page "UK against Internet of Things). If anyone is on Facebook, and interested, please check out and "Share", Max has recommended a alternative social media site recently (cannot remember the name of the top of my head), which I hope to be able to use to create a page. The hard thing is getting the "unawakened" (for want of abetter description) to even care. Personally I am willing to put up a fight against 5G in the UK / my local area. Anyone else feel the same ? Thanks, Andrea, Swansea
Monday 30 October 2017, 13:25:38
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