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Hi....I'm in Dublin....joined a while back but for the [...]

Dublin, County Dublin
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Hi....I'm in Dublin....joined a while back but for the life of me, I can't seem to navigate this website with any great there an easy way to stay in touch with people here in Ireland?
Ben Mcmorris
Hey Brigid, you can join us on both Ireland and Northern Irelands Facebook page if your having trouble with this site.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 17:58:13
[deleted user]
Or, on this site you can pick "Local Groups" above and then choose the "Circle-s" you would like to be part of or create Much Love!
Thursday 30 June 2016, 09:26:45
Neil Warren
Good point though BrigidAnne, and as a "media professional" of some 40-yrs experience, I hope to be able to work with Mat Dowle and others to bring us some "sophisticated simplicity" and for example so that offline friends, family, neighbours and any "colleagues" can also see and join us, with greater confidence and ease. Faces and "family names" rather than avatars and any "afoofa" type names (just sent me a private message I haven't looked at yet), should also help, if we can spread a "tweak your profile" thought-words-deeds idea around?
Thursday 4 August 2016, 15:40:52
irelands peace keeper
join ubuntu ireland, its starting to kick off big time
Wednesday 1 March 2017, 21:38:37
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